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Mainshill Camp Gathering round-up: workshops, walks, sabotage and lock-ons

04-11-2009 23:54

Locked-on to the harvesting machine
The past weekend saw numbers swell at the Mainshill Solidarity Camp, with people traveling from far and wide to support the ongoing struggle to stop Scottish Coal opencasting Mainshill Wood. The number of people occupying the site reached numbers seen at Mainshill when the Camp for Climate Action set up on the site in August, showing how this issue is not going away.

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Maria Gallastegui arrested at the Cenotaph War memorial.

04-11-2009 21:35

Long-time Peace Campaigner, Maria Gallastegui was arrested this afternoon at the Cenotaph War memorial in Whitehall, London.

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229 Minute Afghanistan Vigil, Cenotaph, London - pictures.

04-11-2009 21:19

Maria Gallastegui Arrested.
The day after another 5 British soldiers lose their lives in Afghanistan, peace campaigners gather at the Cenotaph War Memorial to hold a 229 minute vigil for each and every soldier killed so far.

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8 UK universities boycott Fruit of the Loom in solidarity with workers

04-11-2009 19:41

Students demonstrate at Fruit of the Looms European HQ
8 UK Universities have boycotted Fruit of the Loom in solidarity with Honduran workers whose factory was closed to bust the union.

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NATO WC Communique #2 Action details announced!

04-11-2009 19:25


With just over a week to go the NATO Welcoming Committee can release the details of the Friday the 13th demo.

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The EDL and Mainstream Society

04-11-2009 18:00

With the EDL marching on our streets and the BNP on Question Time, it would be easy to dismiss this resurgence in extreme-right feeling as the product of a minority group on the fringes of our comfortably democratic, free-thinking, liberal society.

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Blockade of UN's Climate Change Conference in Barcelona

04-11-2009 17:33

Wednesday 4th November in the morning - Eco Activists block for one hour the main entrance to the UN's Climate Change Conference taking place in Barcelona.

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Palestine Today 110409

04-11-2009 17:33


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday November 4th, 2009.

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URGENT: Israeli ambassador in Nottingham Uni 4.30pm TODAY

04-11-2009 14:26

please come if you can!
demonstration in Trent Square, Outside the Trent Building, Nottingham University Main Campus, at 4.30pm Wednesday 4 November.

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Mass Deportation, Mass Resistance - 7th Nov - Reminder & Venue Change

04-11-2009 14:08

With the aim of building a UK-wide network to resist and campaign against mass deportations, the Stop Deportation Network is organising a one-day forum under the title "Mass deportations, Mass resistance" this Saturday, 7th November 2009.

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Swedish Human Rights Award to Sahrawi HR defender Brahim Dahane

04-11-2009 14:06

The human rights activist Brahim Dahane, human rights defenders in Western Sahara, is this year's winner of the Swedish Government's Per Anger award.

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Rally for Professor David Nutt- Support evidence based drugs policy

04-11-2009 13:22

We are calling on members of the academic community, parents, young people, students and concerned members of the public to join us at 1pm on Saturday the 7th of November outside Downing Street.

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One up the arse of the Pope

04-11-2009 12:56

Crucifix in classrooms or any other religious icon: Contrary to parents' right to educate their children in line with their convictions and to children's right to freedom of religion

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Three dead in garment workers' clashes - unions promised new role

04-11-2009 12:00

The latest clashes in the highly charged arena of the Bangladeshi garment industry...

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The Art of Insurrectionary Imagination

04-11-2009 11:57

A slide talk by artist-activist John Jordan (Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination). A feast of images and anecdotes about forms of creative resistance where art and activism merge to create moments of intense pleasure and effective direct action.

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UPDATES from Nae Tae G20 re: this weekend

04-11-2009 11:56

UPDATES from Nae Tae G20 regarding this weekend's protests against the G20 in St. Andrews

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What is the sound of anti-racism in the UK?

04-11-2009 10:44

At a moment of tightening border controls in the UK, sound art collective Ultra-red and anti-racism organisers from the Rural Racism Project come to Norwich to dispatch the question: what is the sound of anti-racism in the UK?

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America's Chief Economist A Public Call to Regulate the Crimes of the Derivative

04-11-2009 10:07

His testimony was cut short after five minutes by
Congresswoman Melissa Bean, and the committee has since
refused to post online his full testimony along with the
statements of the other panelists