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Horray! Enron bastard busts his brains

26-01-2002 00:54

Clifford Baxter, an Enron crook, was found today with his brains blown out. The Indians his company impoverished and murdered through the Maharastran energy corruption scandal will not be mourning his suicide.

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Bohemian Grove fun!

26-01-2002 00:31

The mighty and the powerful have such fun -plays, comedy, men in drag, drinking, dancing and dominoes. All under the big Owl statue. No worries.

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A Zapatista Tale - "Another Apple, Another Politics"

26-01-2002 00:02

But, among the persons gathered around the future
monument to modern politics, there is a strange person.
He seems to be a shadow, without face and without
name. If they ask him who he is, the shadow would
respond "zapatista," but no one asks him anything.
Everyone is very busy with their calculations, plans
and programs.

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25-01-2002 23:55

NETSTRIKE against the World Economic Fools meeting in NYC, January
31-February 4, 2002

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9/11: A Desperate Provocation By U.S. Capitalism

25-01-2002 23:52

The War on Terrorism is a fraud. Its purpose is to maintain carte blanche for the ever more desperate agenda of American capital: the domination of the continent of Eurasia, and the crushing of the Left worldwide, especially its anti-capitalist core.

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If you're a victim of oppression, then you are Palestinian as well. (by Latuff)

25-01-2002 23:20

If you're a victim of oppression, then you are Palestinian as well. (by Latuff)
Copyright-free cartoon by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people.

Support International Campaign for Justice for the Victims of Sabra & Shatila. Click on the link below for details.

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Don't argue with oil companies in Ecuador - they shoot.

25-01-2002 22:55

I have done my best to translate this from the Spanish.

When the police find any person, man, woman or child, who comes near the area of work of the oil company, the police shoot

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NETSTRIKE against the World Economic Fools

25-01-2002 22:45

CALL FOR ACTION WORLDWIDE English/Spanish/Italian Plus A Zapatista Tale - "Another Apple, Another Politics." (After the Calls to Action)

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25-01-2002 22:08


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Detention "Lager" Bologna occupied!

25-01-2002 20:50

The new detention center Via Mattei in Bologna is occupied NOW!

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Let the president know

25-01-2002 20:41

How you feel about the coruption and cover up

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How to access censored website such as RaiseTheFist.Com

25-01-2002 18:53

Method of accessing recently censored anarchist sites

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Official 9.11 Story Unravelling

25-01-2002 17:27

There is only one problem with the Osama explanation: No matter how uniformly media and governments repeat it, swear to it, and add more and more tertiary details to it, it nonetheless couldn't have happened that way.

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Who will pay this Mr. Bush? US Taxpayer, ore the sell of Guns to Afghanistan?

25-01-2002 16:59

Who will pay this Mr. Bush? US Taxpayer, ore the sell of Guns to Afghanistan?
The $3.5 billion for first responders represents a
"thousand percent increase over what our government has
spent," Bush said. "It's absolutely necessary that we spend
the money and that we spend it correctly, but we will get it back" (article 1)

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Korean trade unionists in need of solidarity

25-01-2002 14:30

The tireless heroes of the Korean Congress of Trade Unions still need support. Why not visit their website and send a message of support from your union or community group:

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strong support for rail strikers in York, UK

25-01-2002 14:21

Report from LabourNet UK on local support for rail strikers:

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USA Feds shut down; Indymedia next?

25-01-2002 13:40

Federal Agents today raided the home and confiscated the servers and all political literature of the founder of an anarchist indymedia website.

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Colombian occupation gathers support

25-01-2002 13:01

News from Colombia Solidarity Campaign

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Bayer Blockade Photos

25-01-2002 12:33

Photos from the Newbury Bayer Blockade

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Mumia Adj-Jamal off Death Row?

25-01-2002 11:37

Is Mumia Adj-Jamal off Death Row? says a US judge has overturned his sentence, but link to report is broken, have seen no news about this elsewhere.