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06-05-2006 15:09

If you can get down to Parliament Square on Monday morning please come to show support for Brian Haw. Whether or not the appeal goes for or against him, he needs our solidarity.

If the appeal goes against him, he could be evicted immediately or he could be allowed to stay until a further appeal is heard.

We will keep you informed if eviction looks really likely.

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!st 'Schnews' from Dover Live Exports demo

06-05-2006 14:57

A brief account of today's Live Exports demo in Dover,kent

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Money Down the Drain – Robin Brookes pays under protest

06-05-2006 14:39

Video Money down the drain
Having been ordered last month by Swindon Combined Court to pay the income tax he has been withholding (see ), Peace Tax Seven campaigner Robin Brookes and supporters made a public demonstration yesterday of how spending our taxes on preparation for war is equivalent to pouring money down the drain.

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Critical Masses going strong in Newcastle

06-05-2006 14:18

Today saw the latest of Tyneside's monthly critical masses which take place on the 1st Saturday of the month, meeting 12noon at Haymarket.

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AWE Aldermaston blockade on 15th May

06-05-2006 14:06


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Serco office vandalised

06-05-2006 14:04

Serco's office in central london was vandalised on friday morning. Windows were broken and the acrostic slogan, "Shockingly // Evil // Racist // Corporate // Obscenity" was sprayed.

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No Life Sentence for Soldiers who Refuse to be Occupiers

06-05-2006 13:24

The UK government, clearly worried that the number of soldiers absconding from the British Army has trebled since the invasion of Iraq, is acting to stop this movement in its tracks.

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Mon 8 May 10am, High Court judgement on Brian Haw's demonstration

06-05-2006 13:04


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It's time to kick Robert West out of the Tory party

06-05-2006 12:25

CCoB leader should be booted out now

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another beer? review of Carbon Fever. See the 2nd performance tonight (6thMay)

06-05-2006 10:49

Brand new writing from a spanking new company. “Carbon Fever” tackles the very real issue of manmade ecological collapse with a smile. Tax Deductible’s first offering is as funny as it is hallucinatory. Original Comedy is rarely this... original.

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Bournemouths Critical Cycle Mass

06-05-2006 07:53

Bournemouths first critical mass 1pm, Saturday 27th May starting at Lansdowne roundabout.

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Urgent Action Request - prevent deportation tomorrow

06-05-2006 03:30

To prevent forced deportation of mother & son to Uganda at 6.35 am tomorrow

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Bastard Brood of Che: #7: May Day 2006 Celebration

06-05-2006 02:13

As part of the May Day festivities, Moshe changes his name to reflect his new revolutionary identity.

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Australian security threatened by secret operations

06-05-2006 00:15

The above sequence is the best the forensic scientists could deduce from the crime scene and there may be small variations, but in the final analysis they matter little. What does matter is that at this precise juncture the gunman had killed twelve victims and wounded a further ten in 15 seconds flat, using only 17 rounds fired from the right hip. Such a staggering performance is on apar with the best combat shooters in the world, and two retired counter-terrorist marksmen ruefully admitted they would be hard pressed to equal such awesome speed and accuracy. Both agreed that attributing such a performance to an intellectually-impaired invalid with an IQ of 66 and severely limited cognitive functions, amounts to nothing less than certifiable insanity on the part of Bryant's accusers. In military terms a fatal shot to the upper neck counts as a head shot, so for all practical purposes those who died during the first 15 seconds were killed by head shots fired with lethal accuracy from the gunman's hip.

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Criminalising workers: fighting for the right to work in Argentina

05-05-2006 21:04

Faced by high unemployment and poverty in Argentina after the crisis of 2001, workers have taken control of over 200 bankrupt companies accross the country. Despite fighting long resistance campaigns against government oppression, workers are now threatened with criminalisation for simply defending the right to earn a living.

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Eco Beneft Gig Covent Garden tonight

05-05-2006 18:24

Society of Imaginary Friends
3 amazing female vocalists in one night!!!

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Police Riot when confronted by Flowers

05-05-2006 18:16

Bilingual (World English/World Spanish) report of the state of affairs in Mexico City. Three Dead in clashes between Police, and Flower Growers and Sellers. Up to Eight Hundred Riot Police are involved in clashes with residents.

(Repost from Irene - Mexico City)

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Help - Developers on the rampage

05-05-2006 17:37

Not a article a ssuch, more a plea for help to support individual under the cosh from developers in the East End vis-a-vis "The Olympics".

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Terrorist Arrested At Mayday Police Victory Party

05-05-2006 17:05

Following on from Indymedia's coverage of MayDay 2006, - see - here is a picture from the Police MayDay Victory Party with additional caption...