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Week of Action against DSEI 7th - 14th September

05-06-2013 10:14

The government is welcoming the world’s worst human rights abusing regimes to shop for weapons in London. WHAT WILL YOU DO?

Take part in a week long series of events and actions aimed to hinder the arms fair and reject its legitimacy!

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Stop the Arms Fair day of Direct Action Training 17th August

05-06-2013 09:29

Saturday 17th August, 11am - 5pm, 173 Euston Road, NW1 2BJ

Come along to a day of training designed to give you a head start in the on going struggle against the arms trade and offers a chance to improve skills and confidence!

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Glasgow: Info + Protests against Intersex Genital Mutilators

05-06-2013 02:47

Peaceful protest outside the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 2011
Perpetrators of cosmetic genital surgeries and other non-consensual treatments on children with 'atypical' sex anatomy from all over the world are gathering in Scotland for the '4th I-DSD Symposium'. Survivors an allies will hold an info night today and 7 peaceful vigils from Saturday to Sunday to remind them that it is NOT OK to mutilate defenceless children.

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legal aid protest at ministry of justice - pics and words

04-06-2013 23:09

to mark the end of the consultation period over proposed sweeping cuts to the legal aid system, protestors blocked the road outside the ministry of justice this afternoon

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Bradley Manning solidarity in south west Wales as trial begins

04-06-2013 19:09

banner on the foot/bike bridge in carmarthen

On the final leg of my five day Bradley Manning solidarity tour of Bristol and south Wales, I headed west from Cardiff early Sunday morning, through Carmarthen and on to Haverfordwest, where members of Bradley's family still live. My aim was to have a solidarity presence in Haverfordwest as Brad's trial begins in the US. See previous reports from: Bristol | Bristol/Cardiff. This report covers Sun 2 and Mon 3 June, with a few photos of banners etc. to illustrate.

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support for Taksim and Turkish people in London

04-06-2013 10:50

Last night hundreds of people gathered in Trafalgar Sq to show their support for the people of Turkey as they face the onslaught of state repression.

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Peace activists in Lincoln court after planting peace garden at RAF Waddington

04-06-2013 10:41

Peace Garden

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North East EDL supporter makes shocking claim over Lee Rigbys murder

04-06-2013 09:17

Bill Weir, an EDL supporter from the North East has made a shocking admission.

Weir, who spoke at the EDL’s Newcastle demonstration last saturday has admitted that the flagging EDL has gain from the death of Drummer Lee Rigby.

"We did in fact benefit from the murder of Lee Rigby, but it was not our wish or doing......"

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join the challenge to iain duncan smith - sign the pettion on his £53-a-week lie

04-06-2013 06:51

The Mail on Sunday has hired the Rightwing "insider" from the even more Right-wing SPECTATOR. Their boast this past weekend was that IDS would never budge on his
ferocious attack against the poor and the have-nots..

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How to deal with tear gas

04-06-2013 00:55

It is riot season again.

Here is some advice on how to keep yourself and your buddies safe should you happen to find yourself in the middle of a riot.

If you’re going to a protest where tear gas (or pepper spray) may be used, these are the street medic recommendations:


Prevention is far better than cure!

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Cardiff Against The Bedroom Tax - Join The People's Picnic

04-06-2013 00:18

We will have a people's picnic outside City Hall against the bedroom tax and hopefully a barbecue and maybe even music too. We invite councillors to 'talk to us, not about us'. Maybe we can discuss a no evictions policy and reclassifying homes to help defeat the bedroom tax over a burger!

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Questioning the Medical Model of 'Psychosis'

03-06-2013 20:33

The article questions the dominant medical model used to understand experiences such as hearing voices, suspiciousness and unusual beliefs. The attached articles start to outline alternative ideas, which connect these experiences to what has happened and is occurring in a person's life.

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Info on the Stop G8 Convergence Space

03-06-2013 14:25

There will be a Stop G8 convergence centre in central London, close to the main actions. There will be space to sleep, as well as workshops, skillshares, food, films and more here. We plan to make the space fully wheelchair accessible and a safe space for everyone using it.

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Infonight about the Stop G8 Week of Action, Tuesday 4th June, Cowley Library

03-06-2013 14:12

From 8th to 14th June the Stop G8 network will be opening a convergence space and organising anticapitalist actions in London. The convergence centre provide food and accommodation for up to 1000 people. There are four major actions planned including a massive Carnival Against Capitalism on June 11th in the West End of London.