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Cardiff Against The Bedroom Tax - Join The People's Picnic

Cardiff Against The Bedroom Tax | 04.06.2013 00:18

We will have a people's picnic outside City Hall against the bedroom tax and hopefully a barbecue and maybe even music too. We invite councillors to 'talk to us, not about us'. Maybe we can discuss a no evictions policy and reclassifying homes to help defeat the bedroom tax over a burger!

Gather Thursday 27 June, 3.30 pm, City Hall

C a r d i f f A g a i n s t T h e B e d r o o m T a x

Hands off Our Homes! We request -

● NO EVICTIONS - Tenants who get into arrears because of the bedroom tax should not lose their homes
● NO BAILIFFS - Bedroom tax arrears should not be aggressively pursued
● SUPPORT APPEALS - Extend the deadline for tenants to appeal against a cut to their housing benefits. Give clear information on how to appeal.
● RECLASSIFY HOUSING - Respect family life by counting a "spare" bedroom as other householders do - as a vital study/guest room/storage space/sick room...
● NO BIDDING RESTRICTIONS - Tenants should not be prevented from moving because of bedroom tax arrears
● NO COMPULSORY MOVES - It's inhumane to force people to move out of homes and communities they've lived in for years.

Cardiff Against The Bedroom Tax
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