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28-02-2006 17:13

Tomorrow, 1 March, ALCOA arms manufacturers and aluminium giant are to announce at their ALCOA Global Center in New York if they are going to push for yet another aluminium smelter in pristine Iceland, against the will of the majority of Icelandic people.

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infousurpa n13

28-02-2006 16:49

weekly independent poster of social centres activities

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Global Protest Against Iraq War followed by Mass Civil Disobedience in London

28-02-2006 16:48

Following the calls from the Assembly of the Social Movements alongside the World Social Forum meeting in Venezuala in January, the international anti-war movement is planning mass protests around the world on March 18th / 19th. The weekend will see over 200 anti-war protests around the globe. There will be a demand to end to the brutal, illegal and humiliating occupation of Iraq and against the proposed US attack on Iran. The protests will take place as far afield as Yellowknife in the frozen far north of Canada to Iraq itself where there will be demonstrations in Baghdad and Basra.

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Manchester: Successful Critical Mass dispersed by police

28-02-2006 15:54

Coming together at Central Library
A successful Critical Mass in Manchester was eventually stopped and dispersed by the police last Friday. Around 25 cyclists were moved onto the pavement by a contingent of 6 police cars and vans, had their names taken, and received cautions and warnings. The ride was not allowed to continue.

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Another Iraqi Milestone...

28-02-2006 15:46

With the deaths of two British soldiers in Iraq today, Coalition fatalities have exceeded two and a half thousand since the invasion in March 2003.

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Pictures of your camp site in Rossport

28-02-2006 15:39

Beach and Grass
For those considering going over to Mayo to help defend the residents againgst Shell here are some images of part of what you will be protecting.

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Notts IMC publishes print version

28-02-2006 15:10

Nottinghamshire Indymedia has published a printed version of showcasing recent articles and the website.

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Get ready for McDonald's high!

28-02-2006 13:43

Today, the Govt launches its contreversial Schools Bill, where's the opposition?

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Transhumanism, human “enhancement” and eugenics: day of information for action

28-02-2006 13:28

Transhumanism, human “enhancement” and eugenics: day of information for action

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Autonomous café – an experiment in self-management

28-02-2006 13:14

Occupied Space
Autonomous Cafe has successfully commandeered EDB Cafe of the University of Sussex on the 31/01/06. They served delicious food and the free shop contained many goodies. In fact it was such a success, that the collective has decided to organise the cafe on a regular basis: Every Tuesday from 12-3:30pm.

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Alan Rickman critises "censorship" of Rachael Corrie play

28-02-2006 13:05

From the Guardian today.

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Monbiot on aviation and climate change

28-02-2006 11:48

George Monbiot used his column in today's Guardian to highlight the new campaign by residents and environmentalists against flying. See to get involved.

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Leaked full report From the WTO about GMO Dispute

28-02-2006 11:38

These 2 files make up a leaked copy of the secret draft ruling in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) dispute over GM foods.

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Tower Hamlets Stop the War meeting with Tony Benn and Craig Murray

28-02-2006 11:33

Tony Benn, Craig Murray, George Galloway, Rose Gentle to speak. Not to be missed if you're in the East End.
7pm, Queen Mary University, Wednesday 1 March

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Online information - a threat to elite information control & ideology?

28-02-2006 10:37

I'm currently a master's student and I'm in the process of looking at what people think about the potential of non-mainstream news / information websites as a counter-hegemonic force.

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Jowell's husband under investigation by UK Fraud Office

28-02-2006 09:32

Tessa Jowell's troubles are not just a freakish one-off. An "inside source" has revealed to Craig Murray that her husband has been monitored by the Serious Fraud Office for some time. One major inquiry was dropped shortly after Blair took power, and investigators still wonder exactly why...

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28-02-2006 09:06


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Miss Tammy Faye Starlite

28-02-2006 09:01

Miss Tammy Faye Starlite
Country singer Miss Tammy Faye Starlite talks about Southern Babtists, the Rapture, religious intolerance, the war in Iraq and much more.

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AKBAYAN: to bury the truth, GMA killed Philippine democracy

28-02-2006 08:52

Laban ng Masa (Fight of the Masses)
AKBAYAN Party today denounced anew GMA's declaration of a State of National Emergency, saying that the draconian measures that the government imposed yesterday completely exposed the despotic inclinations of the ruling regime.