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Global Protest Against Iraq War followed by Mass Civil Disobedience in London

peace not war | 28.02.2006 16:48 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London | World

Following the calls from the Assembly of the Social Movements alongside the World Social Forum meeting in Venezuala in January, the international anti-war movement is planning mass protests around the world on March 18th / 19th. The weekend will see over 200 anti-war protests around the globe. There will be a demand to end to the brutal, illegal and humiliating occupation of Iraq and against the proposed US attack on Iran. The protests will take place as far afield as Yellowknife in the frozen far north of Canada to Iraq itself where there will be demonstrations in Baghdad and Basra.

In London the Stop the War Coalition is organising a national protest on March 18th, meeting outside the Houses of Parliament at midday, and marching to Trafalger Square via Hyde Park Corner. "Don't Attack Iran" is the sub-slogan.

More at:
See also: (global site) (a week of actions in March)

WSF Assembly Call:

A few weeks later in London there will be a Mass Civil Disobedience Demo in parliament square on 2nd April, marking the April 2004 US attack on Fallujah. A noviolent direct action workshop and legal briefing will take place in London the day before.

The protest has not sought permission under SOCPA legislation - which makes it a criminal offence to organise or take part in a protest within 1km of Parliament. The mass action is thus also challenging this new attack on our civil liberties.

Organised by the Mass Action Group and supported by Iraq Occupation Focus, JNV, the London Catholic Worker and Voices UK. More at:

peace not war


Court cases pending re parliament no protest zone

28.02.2006 17:28


The following court dates are for outstanding cases of those who have been charged with holding similar ‘unauthorised’ demonstrations in the now restricted protest zone of Whitehall.

All cases will be heard at Bow Street Magistrates Court, London. Support is welcome.

i.) Tue 7th March. Chris Coverdale.
ii.) Thu 16th March. Milan Rai. 10.30am (date likely to change).
iii.) 31st March. Mark Barret.10am.

For Updates On Court Cases & Other Related Events,


‘I will form part of a human chain around the Westminster no protest zone but only if 6,000 other people will join in.’ Deadline To Sign Up: 1st May 2006



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