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22-02-2005 10:18

For the last couple of days 12 Muslims have been arrested in Tashkent. According to an official of the Interior Ministry "we should have 120 people arrested!"

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22-02-2005 08:15

Many people on this website refer to the SWP as a "party",
they are not! After looking up the political party register
the SWP is not listed. So if people could refer to SWP as disruptive faction that destroys anti-war groups and other radical initiatives we will be nearer the truth about SWP

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Awaiting the Prisoner of Zion From Within Israel's First Circle

22-02-2005 07:27

Israel has created a purgatory, a limbo, in which a free man is held prisoner because of nineteen year old memories in a fifty year old brain.

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Scott Ritter says US attack on Iran planned for June

22-02-2005 03:32

Former UNSCOM weapons inspector Scott Ritter has made two shocking claims: George W. Bush has "signed off" on plans to bomb Iran in June 2005, and the U.S. manipulated the results of the Jan. 30 elections in Iraq....

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SPEAK Launches Big Dress against Trade Injustice

22-02-2005 02:05

SPEAK banner
SPEAK (the Student Christian Justice Network, not the Oxford folk) today launched their "Big Dress", the largest garment in the world, to a crowd of 400 students, ministers, mps and corpo-journo's. Doubling as a creative petition, with individual squares painted at festivals and freshers fairs nationwide, it is designed to draw attention to the horrors of the modern garment industry.

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Calling Worcestershire Animal Activists and Potential Activists!

22-02-2005 01:48

The Stop Sequani Animal Testing campaign which is based in Worcestershire is always looking to draw in new and dedicated animal rights campaigners to help fight against Sequani animal testing labs in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

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radical folksingers from U.S. looking for places to play!

22-02-2005 00:37

Evan Greer, Ryan Harvey, and Mark Gunnery three anarchist folk/punk artists well known in the United States, and members of the newly formed Riot-Folk! Records Collective are planning to come to the UK for a short tour before the G8 Protests in July. They are looking for contacts and venues to play, be they squats, infoshops, bars, houses, streets, or at riots.

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prada fashion show target of pracarity action in Milan

21-02-2005 21:18

Monday 21st, Milan Italy

Milans fashion week looks set to be plagued by protests this week. Today, animal rights activists targeted Pradas store in Milan to highlight the cruelty of the fur industry. In the evening Prada was again targetted, this time by protesters drawing attention to the issue of chainworkers and parcarity within the fashion industry...

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Freedom of Information for Activists

21-02-2005 20:01

Any activist involved in a campaign against, or involving a 'public authority' needs to have a good understanding of the Freedom of Information Act. Anyone got any good ideas for things to use it on?

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Fox Hunt, a film

21-02-2005 18:31


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U.N.'s High Commissioner sexframed ?

21-02-2005 18:02

United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees - Dutchman Ruud Lubbers: 'Allegations of sexual harassment are 'made up' and 'slander'. This is not the United States anymore."

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A plea from the Conservative party

21-02-2005 17:49

Mr Howard is asking for your support and donations

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London Demos against the Bid.

21-02-2005 15:08

Gathering in Meridian Square.
Friday night ride and Saturday march.

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Anti-Bush Protests in Belgium (20th jan sunday reports)

21-02-2005 15:06

Yesterday, 20th Feb, between 500 and 1000 people protested against Bush in front of the Brussels Stock Exchange at the start of his European visit. A big banner saying "The world holds you accountable", made clear that many hold him responsible for the death and pain of thousands of people. Posters with the names of countries that were bombed by the US illustrated this statement.

For more reports over the next two days see:

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21-02-2005 14:39

Bush due to have breakast with tony blair tommorrow morning

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Demonstration outside Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres

21-02-2005 14:38

I am happy to say the demonstration was a success. About 60 people attended coming from London, Oxford, Manchester, even Norwich...

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G8 Detention Centres, Anti-Terror Stop and Searches and Special Court Sittings!

21-02-2005 12:59

Several press reports over the weekend and today (21st Feb) have indicated the following:

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Iran attack imminent!

21-02-2005 12:11

Scott Ritter Says US Attack on Iran Planned for June.

How can we stop these mass-murdering neocon maniacs?

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Good old Noem

21-02-2005 12:08

So it seems Noam has decided the US is responsible for the Asian Tsunami

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21-02-2005 10:20

For those people who may have thought that the SWP no longer bully, disrupt tell lies etc to get their own way.