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International Day of Solidarity with John Bowden, 25th May

14-05-2007 19:38

There will be a demo outside of the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, 25th May. For people who cannot be there, we are calling for solidarity action on an International Day of Solidarity.

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US Terrorism and Terrorists...

14-05-2007 19:09

Against Terrorism! in Bruxelles
Both Posada and the US government are trying to disqualify potentially damaging evidence from his trial...

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B52 two in Bristol Crown Court

14-05-2007 19:09

B52 Two trial report -
Toby and Phil were arrested 4 years ago while on their way to disarm USAF B52 bombers, stationed at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire before the attack on Iraq in March 2003.

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Indepth Interview with the Pedal Powered Clowns

14-05-2007 18:46

Four activists left Nottingham today to travel into Europe and to G8 summit in Germany and eventually Palestine. Their project is all about cycling, communicating, taking action and general clowning about. Where are they going? What will they be doing? Why go to Palestine? Why is it important to go to the G8 summit in Germany? Last week I got my audio device out and invited them around for tea and cake.

The beginning of the recording is slightly disturbed by one of the younger clowns... Download the individual soundfiles or listen to the entire interview (38,4 minutes) via the stream:

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US Climate Science Reduced to a 'Pack o Lies'

14-05-2007 17:31

by Don Beck

"It seems more like Nazi Germany or the
Soviet Union than the United States" -
Dr. James Hansen, NASA climatologist

Keep the facts of global warming away from
the American people.....they can't handle the
truth. That is the message we are getting from
this Administration who have placed political
appointees to head key agencies in order to
filter and even alter the scientific facts.

In February, the leading climatologist at NASA,
Dr. James Hansen testified to a congressional
committee in a hearing looking into the Bush

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Energy Beyond Oil Talk Posters and Flyers

14-05-2007 17:10

Please download and distribute these Energy Beyond Oil posters and flyers

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The Cost Of Nothing

14-05-2007 17:04

Over generation of electricity

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7/7 history files

14-05-2007 16:00

A scene of the 7/7/05 London carnage:
media documents on the recommended website:

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MOVE tour of the UK by Ramona Africa

14-05-2007 15:52

Ramona Africa (the sole adult survivor of the FBI's bombing of the MOVE house) will be touring the UK for 2 weeks to talk about the MOVE Organization, the events of May '85, the MOVE 9, Mumia Abu-Jamal and what they stand for. Come to listen to her story and see the "MOVE" documentary.

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As Labour fiddles M.E. patients suffer and die

14-05-2007 15:46

25% ME Group
Government policy on ME/CFS seems determined to accept the patently flawed advice of psychiatrists of the ‘Wessely School’ that ME does not exist.

In an unprecedented action, a total of 18 UK ME/CFS charities have signed a joint statement expressing extreme concern.

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Indymedia contributor comments on alternative media and Schnews gathering

14-05-2007 14:44

On the way back from the Schnews media gathering in Brighton, veteran Indymedia contributor Alan Lodge (also known as Tash) comments on alternative media, its aims, its failures and its future.

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Blair's Legacy... and the "Struggle Against Violent Extremism"

14-05-2007 14:15

Finally. Blair’s going. But why now? And what has Blair left us behind?

There are many reasons one can guess as to why, but perhaps one of the biggest – yet least talked about – is the “cash for peerages” criminal investigation, which has been getting rather close to home, too close perhaps for Blair’s comfort.

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3000 demonstrated against NATO in Gothenburg

14-05-2007 14:12

A warning
Saturday saw a mass protest against NATO presence in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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US/Israel to attack Iran by September.

14-05-2007 14:06

US/Israel will attack Iran in September. Hostilities will start when Israel bombs three of Iran's civilian nuclear facilities.

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Pedal Powered Activists from Nottingham set off for Palestine

14-05-2007 14:04

Three of the adventurers
This morning 4 activists, based at the ASBO Community Centre in Nottingham got on their bikes and set off for an epic journey to mainland Europe. The project 'Pedal Powered Clowns to Palestine' brings together performance, clowning, action and pedal power to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine as well as entertaining and supporting the Palestinian Community through play. In the last few months the group raised money through benefit events in Nottingham to fund their trip. The first leg of the journey will be by train to Hull and then onto the ferry to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Once in Europe a few dates have been planned to work with other groups and visit some social centres. From then on the route will lead North into Germany to the G8 summit in early June. The idea is to join the G8 protests and add a creative element to the planned actions. At the end of June the group will set course for Palestine.

Here are some photos of the groups departure. Of course some of it was last minute but all set of with a feel of excitement. When we arrived at the train station some of the transport bobbies showed interest in the trailers, which I thought would never make it onto the train, but after some chat with the conductor they were all boarded on...

For more info, see their website:

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The Crime of the Century

14-05-2007 13:02

Nicholas Sarkozy, newly elected President of France is a fraud and criminal according to Lord Justice Clarke's evidence in a criminal trial in the Brussels Court of Human Rights recently.

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Tune Out, Turn Off, Un-Plug

14-05-2007 12:53

Radical problems demand radical, not “bipartisan,” solutions. If we don’t change, the climate will. It already is changing with more rapidity than anyone dared imagine twenty years ago.

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The Pro-Israel Lobby and US Middle East Policy: The Score Card for 2007

14-05-2007 12:46

Never in recent history has US Middle East policy been subject to such a barrage of conflicting pressures from erstwhile allies, clients as well as adversaries. The points of contention involve fundamental issues of war and peace, foremost of which are divergent responses to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the US-Iranian confrontation, the US occupation of Iraq as well as the US-Ethiopian proxy invasion and occupation of Somalia.