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Injustice film to be screened in Northern Ireland

23-01-2002 18:48

Injustice - the feature length documentary about deaths in police custody -­ will have a special screening in Derry, Northern Irealnd, on 2 February to mark the 30th anniversary of Bloody Sunday on

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Critical Mass (London)

23-01-2002 18:21

bikes R us...
we love climate change
don't be bikeless!

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Depleted uranium all over Afghanistan?

23-01-2002 17:14

While the bombing of Afghanistan continues the impacts of the ongoing war in that country will likely be felt for years to come - speculation is rising that Depleted Uranium Weapons were very likely used in Afghanistan.

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Deeper torture

23-01-2002 17:11

Even the Mail expressed shock at the pictures of POWs at Guantanamo Bay, such disquiet blandly dismissed by Blair's men. Investigator Vialls looks more closely at the pix and extrapolates even deeper levels of torture from the evidence there

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23-01-2002 14:42

“Cacerolazo”: Pots and pans protest at the World Bank,
New Zealand House, Haymarket SW1
Women in London as well as Peru, Spain, USA and other countries will demonstrate to show international support for our sisters in Argentina who are raising the voices of grassroots women.

All Welcome

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Greedy Residents in Stoke Newington

23-01-2002 10:29

Good to see a colourful response to greed of Carysfort Road residents.

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Disney steals then shreds evidence

23-01-2002 09:41

That blight on the creative and cultural community, the walt disney corporation, has tried again to steal royalties from works that did not origninate with them:

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Parents protest against riot sentences

23-01-2002 08:59

Parents of around 40 of the demonstrators participating during the protests in Gothenburg protest against the sentences in trial of the so-called "information agency".

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Argentina: How To Establish Mathematically Perfected Economy

23-01-2002 08:16

The world's "financiers" would not have us understand how "Argentina's" "economy" collapsed under insoluble debt — because the debt of Argentina was ultimately multiplied beyond the means of Argentina, without rendering Argentina anything but multiplying debt.

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[PFMPE] Question From India: Retirement and investment under perfected economy.

23-01-2002 08:09

Please clarify how people who depend on earnings from the interest on their investments will be able to manage under LETS or Community Currencies or Mutual Credit systems because in these systems there is no provision of interest income. Particularly the disabled or the retired people and senior citizens.

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Man means Woman

23-01-2002 07:00

Men must learn to accept that they are unfit for the position which they have usurped - is it womb envy?

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FOX news

23-01-2002 05:26

Looks like the mainstream media has discovered Hubberts Peak. (Wait till they find out fuel cells run on fossil fuels!)
Top Geologist Foresees End of Petroleum Era,2933,43426,00.html
Friday, January 18, 2002

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The Silent Wars - Control of the Populace!

23-01-2002 00:40

This is a rare look into the cold and calculating minds of the elite...

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How NWO engineers biowarfare

22-01-2002 22:49

Connections in the biowarfare story

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US UK Starts War against Iraq..

22-01-2002 21:56

US UK Starts War against Iraq..

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Germ Warfare in NY?

22-01-2002 20:39

What I find amazing about human nature is their ability to live in denial, it is a strong mechanism for survival, and yet if left on automatic it can really undermine their survival...

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pic of guantanamo POW abuse

22-01-2002 20:29

please forward widely...this is a picture from guantanamo bay of so-called 'illegal combatants' - captured in current 'police action' in afghanistan

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Canada's Neo-Liberal Descent

22-01-2002 20:18

British Columbia's Punishing Cuts: Analysis
Last Thursday, the B.C. Liberals announced a province-shaking program of spending cuts. Within three years, $1.9-billion will be carved out of the public sector — taking down vital programs and almost a third of its workforce.

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22-01-2002 19:41

21/01/02: Yesterday I announced that the US and UK are ready to attack Iraq. (See Sweden
Today the US and UK started with the final stage to be ready for Worldward III. Now it is time for the civilized world to act, because the US and UK - are in fact not at ''Terrorist War' but on the way to occupy country by country.
Read bellow: (article 1)

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Diary of an occupation (pics)

22-01-2002 19:01

Diary of an occupation (pics)
Leslie Whiting, a British citizen, has lived in Egypt for over a decade, teaching English at the British Council and yoga in her spare time. Mortified by Western governments' indifference to Palestinian suffering, appalled at the bias shown by the Western media, she joined the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) that travelled to Palestine to see, and show the world, what ordinary Palestinians must face every day. "All our actions are based on non-violent civil disobedience, as exemplified by peace activists such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King," said Whiting. (article 1)