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British & U.STroops fighting in pakistan

27-04-2002 11:21

"British & U.STroops fighting in pakistan" (my Title)
article entitled "Bumsfield in Kabul",also says US, British and Afghan troops have continued to search caves, and goes on to declare ...But there have also been reports of a new offensive by allied special forces - possibly backed up by British forces - against guerrillas hiding in Pakistan.

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"no more of a racist than Tony Blair" ?

27-04-2002 10:42

There's certainly a bit more gloss on it and an illusion of justice, but how would Le Pen's transit camps compare with the British fire-trap camps - or the alternative accommodation in grim gaols?

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May Day Bradford

27-04-2002 10:39

Police Ban Bradford May Day March.

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27-04-2002 09:41

Mayday 'Festival of Alternatives' social centre open!!

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Socialism vs chauvinism on Israel-Palestine: some events

27-04-2002 09:33

Some recent events summarised: an exclusion from a meeting in Birmingham, the 13 March Palestine demonstration in London and the left's response to it.

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Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons let down

27-04-2002 09:31

The director-general of the OPCW, Jose Bustani, has been
illegally sacked by the US with UK assistance in order to
preserve the pretext of the US Iraq invasion.
Our celebrities wrote a letter to the Guardian

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SWP bullies those who condemn terrorism

27-04-2002 09:30

Some recent events summarised: an exclusion from a meeting in Birmingham, the 13 March Palestine demonstration in London and the left's response to it.

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Washington's lethal double standards

27-04-2002 09:21

It is high time the US began addressing the Palestinian cause, and showing equal respect for Palestinian life at a time when so much of it is being cut short by American weaponry funded by the American taxpayer would be a good place to start.
[Mouin Rabbani is director of the Palestinian American Research Center in the West Bank town of Ramallah]

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What massacre?

27-04-2002 09:16

The following account by senior pediatrician at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem David Zangen on what really took place in Jenin was published in Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper on April 22, 2002. This is an excerpt of his account, translated from Hebrew.

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Irish SWP branch to disafiliate from party

27-04-2002 09:12

intersting and revealing article about whole branch leaving Irish SWP, the begining of the end...

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Palestinians should take Israeli citizenship

27-04-2002 09:10

[This article appeared in Dawn, a Pakistani newspaper based in Karachi]
The Palestinians do have a choice - they should renounce
violence, accept the reality of the existence of Greater Israel, and declare themselves to be its citizens.

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27-04-2002 09:01

The Temporary Social Centre for this years Festival of Alternatives has opened...

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NETSTRIKE for Palestine

27-04-2002 05:04

*please forward* *post* *translate* *distribute*

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The shady world of spyware

27-04-2002 03:53

Fighting spyware

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SWP to Boycott Indymedia Ireland

27-04-2002 00:10

SWP to Boycott Indymedia Ireland

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facts about Israelis and palestinians

26-04-2002 22:55

zionazis have shot numerous international reporters to keep the truth from getting out!!!!

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GM Action-Pink Castle in Dorset update

26-04-2002 20:31

The Prettiest GM Action continues in Dorset!

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Police ban Bradford May Day March

26-04-2002 20:12

Bradfords traditional May Day march, organised for the last seven years by the autonomous 1 in 12 Club has been banned this year by police. The march will however still go ahead regardless - we are more than happy to 'police' ourselves. All support is welcomed, bring banners, drums, whistles and of course yourselves.

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26-04-2002 20:06

To commemorate the fourth anniversary of Simon Jones' death whilst working at Shoreham docks the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign called a national day of action against casualisation on 24th April.

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26-04-2002 19:38

There just ain't nothing there...