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Anti-G8 Magazine available online

30-04-2005 16:18

Available now:

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Alabama-USA,attempts to ban gay authored books..

30-04-2005 14:58

The state of Alabama,may be about the debate the banning
of books by gay authors.

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SMASH EDO: Protesting Is Not Harrassment!

30-04-2005 11:54

UPDATE ON THE Smash EDO Injunction Case

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MayDay Festival

30-04-2005 10:31

Great Line up for Merseyside Mayday festival

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London 11th anniversary critical mass report & photos

30-04-2005 10:19

Mass stops in Cromwell road in memory of slain cyclist
April 29th marked the 11th birthday of Critical Mass in London.

It was a wonderfully evening, warm and with a great atmosphere. Well over 500 people took part (perhaps even a thousand but it's difficult to get an accurate idea on the numbers).

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Happy Birthday Critical Mass 03

30-04-2005 08:55

Friday pics

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Desperate Jack Straw drags Iraqi Prime Minister into Blackburn campaign

30-04-2005 08:52

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has enlisted the support of Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari in a desperate and controversial move to avoid defeat in his "safe" constituency of Blackburn, Lancashire.

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Happy Birthday Critical Mass 02

30-04-2005 08:48

Happy Birthday Critical Mass

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Nazi Pope vs Indymedia

30-04-2005 08:44

nazi pope photo
According to Reuters in Italy, Indymedia is under threat of legal action by the Pope police...

The image refered to is probably this one

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Happy Birthday Critical Mass

30-04-2005 08:42

Happy Birthday Critical Mass

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30-04-2005 07:39

Don't vote, it only encourages them.

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Americans’ Gifts to Afghanistan: Empty Words

30-04-2005 03:59

American/UK civilians are as guilty as their government

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MaydayMayday!! Peace Party callout to Sedgefield

30-04-2005 00:13

Peace Party plan to unsettle Blair in Sedgefield! While the people party, anti-war activists will plot and scheme
Blair's electoral downfall in his own constituency.

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Critcal Mass Bike About in Nottingham :: Pictures

29-04-2005 23:13

Critcal Mass is a regular event. The meeting point is the Savoy cinema on Derby Road in Lenton on the last Friday of every month now at 5.30pm. We even got a police helicopter, to look over us, for our safety you understand ......

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The Many Names Of Mad Cow

29-04-2005 19:43

The US government continues to generate spongiform encephalopathy (Mad Cow etc) in cows, pigs, chickens, fishes etc. and to label deaths by other names

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Geographic Revisionism, as practised by Google.

29-04-2005 19:30

According to an article from website The Register:

George Dubya is now not only rewriting history in his image, but is also having a crack at redrawing the world's map as well.

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Palestinian Hip Hop films

29-04-2005 18:22

at the Middle East fil festival tonight and tomorrow(Saturday) at RampArt Creative center

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29-04-2005 16:33

Bush energy policy is a declaration of War against Alaskan Wildlife and environment. Amricans, who are consuming more than 25 percent of world's oil production must reduce their ocnsumption or face economic disaster. It is the Falling Price of Dollar stupid!! and the rising price of oil. Billions of worthless paper currency that the US printed to finance its bomb factories are coming to haunt back America.The Emperor has no Clothes!

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MG Rover gravy train

29-04-2005 16:20

Every cloud has a silver lining. For some it was gold-plated.

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BP Treesit Action Ended, Calls for Support Tonight Cancelled

29-04-2005 16:17

BP Action Update, Friday 29th, 2.45pm