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Geographic Revisionism, as practised by Google.

IMC'er | 29.04.2005 19:30 | Culture | Cambridge | London

According to an article from website The Register:

George Dubya is now not only rewriting history in his image, but is also having a crack at redrawing the world's map as well.

This appears to be authentic too, because if you go to Google and type 'google maps', this is what you get as the first result at the top of the list:

You'll note, that if you zoom out from the US, no other countries except those in the UK seem to exist on this map!

By way of explanation, I shall borrow a quote from The Register's article:

"In Google's Brave New World, potential threats to US national security have been neutralised by airbrushing them from the surface of the globe. Naturally, the UK survives the apocalypse by virtue of its "special relationship" with the US".

What more need be said?

Brave New World (Order) indeed.

Eat your heart out, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell.