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BNP uses 10th Jan London Israeli embassy riots to garner support

12-01-2009 00:01

"Mass Third World immigration has turned London into a Middle East battleground, with an estimated 50,000 Muslims and a handful of extremist Communists violently attacking police and looting shops yesterday." (according to the BNP).

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Sun 11: Watching the phosphorous fall

11-01-2009 23:26

Latest posting on Gaza blog

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Brighton anti-Gaza war march

11-01-2009 23:14

In a show of solidarity with the suffering of Gazans, around 1,300 local residents marched in Brighton today. Called by the local Palestinian community the march started at Palmeira Square, proceeded down one lane of Western Rd to the Old Steine and finished on the seafromt by the pier.

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Genocide in Gaza : Now The Video !

11-01-2009 22:44

Israelis Watching Gaza
Yes, of course you've read about it, but now you can watch it (un-filtered by the BBC &CNN)
(grab your popcorn, and's in living colors: (fire-yellow, blood-red, sky-blue, smoke-black)

You'll love it!

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Stop the biggest neo-nazi march in Europe!(Dresden)

11-01-2009 21:13

Come to Dresden on 14 February 2009

On 14 February 2009, right-wing extremists from all over Europe will once again gather for their annual 'mourning march' in Dresden (D) - UNITED and the local platform Geh Denken calls for your help to stop the largest meeting of the European right-wing extremist movement!

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Two Hundred March Against Wirral Cuts

11-01-2009 21:07

Wallasey Town Hall: where the magic happens
As hundreds of thousands in London, Edinburgh and around the world demonstrated against Israel's genocidal attacks on Gaza, a much smaller protest took place in Wallasey, Merseyside. While it would be inappropriate to draw many parallels between the two, it can be said the struggle for life and freedom in Palestine and for decent public services in this country have one thing in common: they represent squares in the global chess match between the profit system and the rest of humanity.

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Question Time - From Leeds this Thursday

11-01-2009 20:32

BBC's Question Time is coming from Leeds this Thursday. This is an opportunity to attempt to force the BBC to address the truth of what is happening to the innocent peoples of Gaza.

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Young Jew Sings Protest to Chief Rabbi, Gets Arrested

11-01-2009 20:27

LONDON - A young Jewish man was arrested today after singing at the Chief Rabbi of GB, Jonathan Sacks, during his speech at today's End Hamas Terror (pro-Israel) rally.

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Stop the Gaza massacre Demo London 10 January 2009

11-01-2009 17:32

Video footage of protest and street battles with riot police

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Eye-witness account of London Gaza Protest 10th Jan '09.

11-01-2009 17:26

As ever, there has been no accurate reporting of yesterdays Gaza protest in central London. The main news channels are reporting the police estimates for numbers of between 15,000 and 20,000 or simply claiming there were tens of thousands, with violence being caused by a small minority.Stop the War estimated there to have been 100,000 people present. Most mainstream news channels are also reporting the 3 police injuries sustained but so far I have seen no reports of protester injuries of which I know there were many- some, from an eye-witness perspective, seeming serious and caused by violent policing. So here is my account. I kept notes throughout the day so the timings are pretty accurate.

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Blue Star Rampage: Israel's dress rehearsal for Lebanon

11-01-2009 17:21

The reason the rationale for invading Gaza keeps changing, (from rocket-fire to Hamas infrastructure to strengthening deterrents to weapons smuggling to ceasefire violations etc) is because the Israeli leadership wants to conceal the true objective. The purpose of "Operation Cast Lead" is to conduct a dress rehearsal for another invasion of Lebanon.

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London Indymedia Is Back Up Online!

11-01-2009 17:10

Sorry by So gesehen
We are so sorry about the downtime and the loss of media, we can't even tell you how sorry we are. A lot of things came together to make this happen and we spent the beginning of the year feeling extremely stupid. We are specially sorry for all the contributors that have been posting to the site, and for all the groups that had created their 'Group' pages. Be reassured that we have done our best to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

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Ray Davies, 79 injured by police in GAZA demo

11-01-2009 16:56

Ray Davis at GAZA London demo
Ray Davies, 79 year old Vice Chair of CND Cymru, sustained head injuries, concussion and cuts when he was trapped with hundreds of others against the Embassy gates by Metropolitan Police at the GAZA demo in London on 10th Jan 2009.
Ray Davies and Wendy Lewis tell the story

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Netcu Watch // Demonstrations outside HLS on days of SHAC sentencing. Join us!

11-01-2009 16:44

Call to action on 19th and 20th of January.

Some of us will be engaging in legal and peaceful protests in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk on the days on which Greg, Natasha, Heather, Gavin, Dan A, Dan W and Gerrah are sentenced for conspiracy to blackmail.

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Netcu Watch // The cult of the killer ape.

11-01-2009 16:28

This is the year in which Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday will be celebrated and the 150th anniversary of his “the Origin of Species” one of the most important books ever written. Evolution, the transmogrification of primordial slime into dogs, cats, humans and everything else is surely proof that we are all interconnected and indeed transient as species adapt and change. In fact if time on Earth (itself one planet among billions) were condensed into one year humans would arrive at 23.45 on New Year’s Eve.

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Pics from London demo for Gaza 10 Jan 2009

11-01-2009 16:20

The proud parents
Photos and a short report from yesterday’s march and rally against the massacre in Gaza.

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Photos from Palestininan demonstration, London 10 Jan 2009

11-01-2009 15:24

graffiti banner
Pictures from the demonstration in London yesterday. Title of images is timestamp. Presented in chronological order (pretty much).

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Free Gaza to Israel: "We are coming in on Tuesday"

11-01-2009 13:32

Check out the WHAT YOU CAN DO bit after the press release

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Smoke bombs and scuffles behind Israeli Embassy

11-01-2009 13:25

The demo leaving Hyde Park - it's the biggest demo I've seen since 2003
Yesterday on the Palestinian solidarity demonstration the crowd stopped outside the entrance to Kensington Palace Gardens on Bayswater Road at about 3pm. It seemed to be an attempt to get to the Israeli Embassy from behind - and where there was a very thin police presence. Below is a photo report of what happened. More information relating to the protest, it's repercussions and other photos will be put on the Last Hours website ( during the coming week.

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Boycott Israeli company Tivall vegetarian products

11-01-2009 12:51

Put economic pressure on Israel to make peace by boycotting Israeli vegetarian food manufacturer Tivall