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US prepares strike against Iran

31-12-2005 11:32

Iran about to be whacked

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31-12-2005 10:56

Fears that an exposé of the UK government over torture will be covered up have led dissident bloggers including the Glos Green party to publish on the web

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AADHIKAR DAILY WORLD COMMENTARY on another historic poverty year

31-12-2005 06:18

The year 2006 appears set to witness repeats of similar
poverty-creating activities.
Poverty is set to increase at historically high rates during 2006.

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Rage against the NATO war conference – they make war, we make trouble

31-12-2005 02:14

The days of war-planners meeting in Munich, going largely unnoticed by the general public, are a thing of the past. Meanwhile they have to barricade themselves behind a mass of police units because in the last few years thousands of people have confronted the military's generals, the war ministers and the arms lobbyists/dealers with their resistance.
There are reasons enough for this. The German armed forces (Bundeswehr) celebrate in their 50th year of existence as a globally active "peace-keeping" force and increase their participation in the "war on terrorism" not only in Afghanistan. The USA and Great Britain and their occupying regime in Iraq have created a system that in reality offers the Iraqi people only terror and a fight for survival.

The rulers in the EU continue to aspire to the formation of a European military force despite the failure to implement a Europe-wide constitution: The supposed protection from terrorist attacks serves as a convenient springboard for racist exclusion tactics, repression and deprivation of human, civil and international rights.

For these reasons the exponents of such policies are getting together in Munich’s Hotel Bayerischer Hof from 3rd to 5th February 2006.

Let’s prepare a suitable reception for them!

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31-12-2005 01:58

The anniversary of the death of the Philippines' national hero Jose Rizal this Dec. 30 affords us the occasion to reassess his work, particularly in the context of ongoing fierce class war in the Philippines between the oppressed, impoverished majority and the few privileged landlords and politicians bought by global capital. This is taking place at a time when the Philippines is being re-colonized by the U.S., the world's imperialist hegemon. Would Rizal want the country partitioned by greedy transnational corporations and their racist elites in the brutal terrorist war against peoples of color? These reflections hope to provoke a re-thinking of what it means to be a Filipino with the Philippines in dire crisis, using Rizal as a point of departure, especially in the light of its citizens becoming an embattled diaspora--more than ten million OFWs as exploited domestics and contract workers scattered around the planet, while the country's rich natural resources, cultures and traditions are wasted by foreign profiteers supported by local comprador parasites currently headed by the corrupt Arroyo regime. "O where is the hope of the motherland...."?

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Sharon steals spotlight as Palestinian state shelved until further notice

30-12-2005 22:57

And the media lets him do it ...

What most people don't realize is that when the Partition was made by the UN, a Palestinian State was created alongside the Zionist State, but the Zionists refused to recognize it. I sincerely hope the Israeli people who are demanding change don't get suckered by Sharon's re-branding efforts.

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Let's Stop The US/Israeli War On Iran

30-12-2005 22:56

It would be great to see the Anti-War/Social Justice Movement out in the streets before the "Iraq Treatment" really begins in earnest throughout the media, towards Iran, and Syria. A little "Pre-Emptive Action" of our own.

Unless you consider that illegal covert activity is already being conducted into Syria from Iraq, and into Syria from the neighbouring 'Stans.

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Online Petition NO SHOOT TO KILL!

30-12-2005 20:41

Please sign the online petition initiated by the United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) to abolish the Shoot To Kill Policy, and spread the word.

Sign now:

For full petition text and more links see article.

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 29 December 2005

30-12-2005 20:09

Iraqi Resistance
By: Muhammad Abu Nasr on: · US soldier reported killed by Resistance sharpshooter in eastern al-Fallujah. · US soldier reported killed in Baghdad al-Jadidah bombing. · Two US troops reported killed in Ba‘qubah area bombing. · US soldier reported killed in bombing in al-Mushahadah, just north of Baghdad. · Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills two US troops in Mosul.

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30-12-2005 19:28

It's not the al-Jazeera Memo, but these are some more documents that the
UK Government are trying to supress with the threat of prosecution under
the Official Secrets Act. They detail our use of intelligence extracted
by torture, and legal advice the Foreign Office received on the subject,
and we need to get them out there as soon as possible before the
government act.

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California Turn Down Covance Lab Plans! The Attention Turns on Chandler

30-12-2005 17:35

Covance's new lab plans have been turned down in California, but not yet in Chandler, Arizona. Listed below are the contact details for all the departments within the City of Chandler Council. Please contact them about the new laboratory, which is planned to be the biggest Covance animal lab in the world. Remember to state the arguments which are listed on; . Covance MUST NOT be allowed to build the new laboratory.

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Lifelong Work

30-12-2005 14:21

Pension schemes and the labor market are in an irreconci-lable opposition. This schizoid argumentation has long sunk into mass consciousness.. That a society with the highest productivity of world history chains seniors to production longer than in the Middle Ages is hardly upsetting.

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Arrest Information

30-12-2005 14:19

Right-wing nations are now utilising their new ‘anti-terrorist’ laws. Activists are being targeted and arrested in the US and Australia – who is next? The following information may prove useful in the event of arrest. A ‘friend of mine’ was recently detained for questioning by state police; his experiences were similar to those of others in the milieux. Familiarisation with the procedures and methodologies of our ‘regulatory authorities’ is invaluable in the event of arrest or detention.

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Respect coalition in crisis.

30-12-2005 11:58

The elation over Galloway's election has subsided and now the strain of maintaining a coalition of contradictory views comes to the fore.

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A London based Iraqi's view of the Iraq elections.

30-12-2005 11:37

As a London based Iraqi currently visiting family and friends in Iraq I cannot help but notice the sense of hope surging through this devastated country. The Iraqi people have been summoned to ballot three times in one year and on all three occasions have responded in their masses.

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U.K and Regional Forums and Newswires

30-12-2005 11:02


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Palestine-Israel, the joint struggle at Bil'in intensifies!

30-12-2005 10:28

The outpost which was built on the lands of Bil'in on the west side of the separation fence - adjacent to the illegal building site of the settlement town Modi'in Elit, on the robbed lands of Bil'in, existed a day and a half. The outpost that was named "Bil'in center for the joint struggle for peace" got lot of Israeli and international media cover.

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Hackney Cafe re-occupied

30-12-2005 08:37

Whilst the organic free range Turkey was being chewed on for a second day running in homes around the country, Francesca's cafe in Broadway Market, Hackney was being reoccupied for the second time.

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UK Torture Memos Released

30-12-2005 06:29

Render Torturerers

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Living in the Shadow: new album by Emcee Lynx now available for free download

30-12-2005 04:06

For fans of rebel music and conscious hip hop, Emcee Lynx is pleased to announce the release of “Living in the Shadow”, his fifth independent release in five years featuring 16 tracks of all-original material. As always, the album is available for free download from his website,
(Making the music free is a statement against the commodification of music and culture by corporations, and is the best way to make sure it is available to people all over the world who don’t have access to credit cards to buy things online.)