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Christian Cafe Crew give Last Rites to Kingsnorth

09-08-2008 17:02

A group of 12 Christians who have spent the week making tea for activists at the Camp for Climate Action today prayed outside the Kingsnorth power plant as part of the "Orange Action". Up to 3 were arrested for failing to leave the area when ordered to.

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Kingsnorth Fence Breach Pictures

09-08-2008 16:53

Pics of today's mass action at Kingsnorth power station, where there were several breaches of the perimeter fence. Activists used extra fencing that had been errected in advance of the protests as make shift ladders to scale the interior fence. Some also used them on the inner electric fence (the fence being turned off), with a small number of activists entering Kingsnorth itself.

These are pictures of one of the places where campaigners scaled the main fence.

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Climate Camp 2008 March to Kingsnorth

09-08-2008 16:53

This vid is a general overview of the march incl. drumming and police fight.

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Unity Care Services - The Horrors continue for children

09-08-2008 16:52

The horrors continue for the children in the care of Socail Services placed with Unity Care Services

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Climate Camp VIDEOs

09-08-2008 16:47

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Police Assault Teenage Activists at the Climate Camp Children's Revolution

09-08-2008 16:05

The Children's Revolution joined together with the Orange march to Kingsnorth power station on the day of mass action and combined with the children of local residents to help form a huge blockade which attracted the attention of all the international news media.

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Eco Hero Kayak Crew splash out on the Medway

09-08-2008 15:57

A daring crew of 8 climate campers in inflatable kayaks kept police boats busy for 3 hours this morning heading towards Kingsnorth Power station on the Medway.

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Naked protest at BERR

09-08-2008 15:43

Two protesters superglued to the sign at BERR.
Photographs of protesters superglued to the sign of the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, 1 Victoria Street, London. August 8, 2008.

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Climate Hazard Raft Banner at Kingsnorth Pics

09-08-2008 15:33

Climate Hazard Banner
Pirate raft crew display Climate Hazard banner on a jetty at the back of Kingsnorth Powerstation during the Climate Camp day of action.

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Kingsnorth Protest March

09-08-2008 15:17

Images of protesters, police and the march.

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Climate Camp Media Review For 8th August

09-08-2008 15:09

As part of Climate Camp Radio's daily broadcasts, we look at the way in which the media has been reporting on the Climate Camp and its related actions. This is the media review for 8th August.

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Orange Group March: Climate Camp 2008

09-08-2008 15:09

Orange Group March: Climate Camp 2008

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Breaching the Kingsnorth Fence

09-08-2008 15:07

Making use...
This seems to be the main story of the day. Activists who made it to the fence utilised some tempory fencing put up by the cops to make some convenient ladders. The riot squad eventually showed up a cleared people away but not before several individuals had made it across.

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Climate Camp Radio - Saturday lunchtime show for download

09-08-2008 14:40

Here is the Saturday lunchtime Climate Camp show, available for download. Daily shows are live streamed (at 1pm and 7pm) and archived at

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Rebel Raft Protest Land on Kingsnorth Jetty - Pics

09-08-2008 14:11

Pics from this afternoon at Kingsnorth Power Plant where one of the rebel rafts made it to the jetty of the power plant.

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Orange Bloc Protest - March to Kingsnorth Pictures

09-08-2008 13:41

Marching along A228
Pics from the march from Climate Camp to Kingsnorth Power Station

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video of BERR protest

09-08-2008 13:40

u-tube link to BERR protest yesterday

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Camp life

09-08-2008 13:23

violin in the field
Daily life at the camp

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Climate Camp Radio - Friday evening show for download

09-08-2008 12:54

Here is the Friday evening Climate Camp show, available for download. Daily shows are live streamed (at 1pm and 7pm) and archived at