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Police Assault Teenage Activists at the Climate Camp Children's Revolution

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign | 09.08.2008 16:05 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles | London | World

The Children's Revolution joined together with the Orange march to Kingsnorth power station on the day of mass action and combined with the children of local residents to help form a huge blockade which attracted the attention of all the international news media.

The Children of the Eco Warriors marched alongside the Kingsnorth dragon created by Raga the well known Quaker peace activist, and they were led by Kristoff the clown and the Carbon Town Cryer band.
The march itself was fairly uneventful with a number of arrests of activists wearing masks and apparently trying to escape the kettle on the dual carriageway.
At the power station banners were erected on the gates, and the police kept a watchful eye on the speakers using the Bicycology sound system microphone.
At one pm a police helicopter announced that the protest was over and that anyone who stayed in the vicinity would be arrested under section 14 of the Public Order Act.
Most of the climate campers drifted off back to the Camp for Climate Action but many stayed outside the power station gates and the Rhythms of Resistance samba band continued their drumming at the nearby roundabout.
Eventually the police started to push and shove a group of teenagers who had been part of the flotilla of little boats, and several police horses were also used to try to force them to move back to the camp site.
One young girl appeared to be snatched from behind by the police and the rest of the group were shouted at and bullied for about twenty minutes before the police finally gave up and left them alone.
Video footage of the incident is being edited and will be posted on Indymedia soon.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign
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