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anti-nuclear demonstration on Manchester Mayday weekend

02-05-2006 12:32

No more Chernobyls
Approximately 70 people took part in a procession to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl on Saturday 30 April. A small group of student activists also protested against the Dalton Nuclear Research Institute at Manchester University.

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02-05-2006 12:24

A talk and discussion.

Date: Wednesday 3rd May
Time: 2pm
Place: The Hub, Liverpool University (2nd floor of Guild)

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Kicking and Screaming Autonomous Art Show

02-05-2006 12:16

Kicking and screaming from the streets of Leeds into
the forgotten cracks.. discoveries, journeys,
expression, finding and being found...

An exhibition of found, discovered and expressive
art-forms that will be discovered in a found location.
Taking back space from a shinking 'developing'
gentrified city... an exploration and reclaimation of
ourselves, our skills, our city, our art.

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02-05-2006 12:13

You'll of course be unlikely to miss it. It could be news for days (at least until the next scandal!)

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Stop Live Exports Demo Malvern 6th May

02-05-2006 12:05

For those in the West Midlands (and beyond) that want to protest against the resumption of live exports from the UK who cannot make either the Dover or the Hull Stop Live Exports demos on Saturday May 6th, a 3rd demo has been organised outside the headquarters of the National Sheep Association and the National Beef Association in Malvern, Worcestershire.

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Mayday London 2006 - Mainstream Media Coverage

02-05-2006 11:53

A few of the articles covering Mayday in London 2006 are below.

Two of the articles were accompanied by pictures of police pushing or grabbing at people on the autonomous bloc, despite no mention of the bloc, or the sound system incident being contained within the articles:

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Hack Lab Cooking this Thursday at Matilda

02-05-2006 11:44

Well at least me and The G will be.. Armchair is working i'd guess.. AD not sure and we have a newish person on board d4maths or Tony as they like to be named so what will we be cooking?

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02-05-2006 11:44

Video Mysterious Security Guard.
A quick impression of Mayday in London.

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May Day

02-05-2006 10:51

sambistas in the streets
May Day march in Manchester

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Support workers In Iran

01-05-2006 23:28

on May Day in London people has supported bus workers in Iran

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Glasgow Mayday report

01-05-2006 23:25

Started as advertised at Buchanan St for 1pm. Fair few folk, but not as many as previous couple of years. No sign of a soundsystem. Good spirits. Cops around the outside, but not /too/ bad.

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Marching from anarchy to boredom - photos

01-05-2006 22:57

Who lives in a house like this? - Cops crawling at the Square 11am
A round up of photos from 2006's Mayday documenting Critical Mass, Clerkenwell Green and the Police party.

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London Citizens Workers' Association

01-05-2006 22:23

Congolese musicians entertain the crowd
Today saw the launch of a new organisation to support low-wage and migrant workers across London, backed by faith organisations, trade unions and social justice organisations.

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Immigration and May Day, from Chicago

01-05-2006 21:59

We Say Fight Back
Chicago is the birth place of 'May Day', but today's march demonstrated a disconnect between the current low paid workers demanding recognition within the system, and what we have grown globally to understand May Day as celebrating.

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Gate Gourmet and some other banners

01-05-2006 21:45

Casino workers
Mayday banners are like a walk through history. Here are only four pics, including probably one of the youngest banners: The Gate Gourmet worker's.

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800 people on the Autonomous Bloc at Mayday London

01-05-2006 21:42

autonomous mayday

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Space Hijackers Police Victory Party

01-05-2006 21:20

Cool young cop - real or fake?
The space hijackers had a police victory party at 2pm at the Bank of England. They looked pretty sexy in their plastic hardhats. But their haircuts were nothing like those of the real cops that gathered in small groups all around the area. Lots of cameras around, even a big fluffy professional microphone. Two big cops stood there, filming away, with red and white checkered bands round their hats. I thought: These space hijackers, really made an effort! But no - these two were real. Or so they said.

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London Mayday Soundscape

01-05-2006 20:49

Lots of sounds on the mayday march in London. Some even sung the international.

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Round up of London Mayday

01-05-2006 20:45

Brief round up on Mayday in London - More reports and links to follow.

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Americans: Evil and Stupid People

01-05-2006 20:38

This was in response to the hundreds of emails I received for my article Death made in America