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Mayday London 2006 - Mainstream Media Coverage

mhor | 02.05.2006 11:53 | Mayday 2006 | Indymedia | Migration | Workers' Movements | London

A few of the articles covering Mayday in London 2006 are below.

Two of the articles were accompanied by pictures of police pushing or grabbing at people on the autonomous bloc, despite no mention of the bloc, or the sound system incident being contained within the articles:

Workers in London May Day march
Monday, 1 May 2006
Thousands of workers from across the UK have joined the traditional May Day trade union rally in central London. TUC chief Brendan Barber called for strong laws to tackle poverty pay, the gender wage gap and work discrimination against ethnic minorities.

May Day marchers demand workplace justice
Guardian Unlimited
Monday May 1, 2006
More than a million people turned out today for traditional May Day marches and protests across Europe. Trade unionists and workers march through the streets of London in the May Day march organised by the TUC campaigning for trade union rights and justice in the workplace.,,1765268,00.html

Peugeot workers join gloomy May Day march on the capital
May 2 2006
ic Birmingham
Workers from Peugeot's doomed Ryton plant joined thousands of marchers yesterday for a traditional May Day rally, with job cuts, insecurity and pensions at the top of the agenda. Activists from unions including Amicus, the TUC, the Rail Maritime and Transport Union and the Transport and General Workers began pouring into Trafalgar Square shortly after 2.30pm for May Day 2006.

Revellers make most of a gloomy May Day
By Marco Giannangeli
Members of trade organisations including Amicus, the Rail Maritime and Transport, and General Workers unions were warned that Labour was facing a "disastrous defeat" at the next general elections if the party did not tackle the issues of NHS cuts, job insecurity and pensions. More than 900 police officers were deployed at the rally, which ended without incident.

Workers mark May Day with rally for jobs
The Scotsman
Tue 2 May 2006
THOUSANDS of marchers gathered yesterday for a traditional May Day rally in London, with job cuts, insecurity and pensions at the top of the agenda.