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Kicking and Screaming Autonomous Art Show

Kicking And Screaming | 02.05.2006 12:16 | Culture | Free Spaces | Sheffield

Kicking and screaming from the streets of Leeds into
the forgotten cracks.. discoveries, journeys,
expression, finding and being found...

An exhibition of found, discovered and expressive
art-forms that will be discovered in a found location.
Taking back space from a shinking 'developing'
gentrified city... an exploration and reclaimation of
ourselves, our skills, our city, our art.


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May the 6th and all weekend.
starts 12pm.
Exhibition of art by artists

* Lauren (Collage/Illustration)
* Sacha (Illustration/Collage)
* Gareth (Surreal assemblages)
* Rose (Illustration)
* Brigit (Sonic Art/Noise)
* Rowen (unknown)
* Charlotte (Getting lost probably)
* Dee (Sonic Art/Noise)

Plus some other members of the Leeds Surrealist Group will also be displaying some surreal assemblages and collage.

Kicking And Screaming
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