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'No sell-off' for public forests

31-01-2013 12:50

'No sell-off' for public forests
Woodland (Image: BBC) Public opposition to plans to sell off forests forced the government to withdraw its proposals
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31 January 2013 Last updated at 12:09

Forests 'should not be sold off'
Ministers ditch forest sale plan
Forests become political battle

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Action called for after last tree dweller removed from Combe Haven valley:

31-01-2013 12:33

Action against the Facilitators of Combe Haven Valley.

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Decoy Pond camp evicted.... :(

31-01-2013 12:06

Decoy Pond camp evicted but the campaign continues!

January 31, 2013 by combehavendefenders
Decoy Camp eviction, 30-01-2013. Photo copyright Adrian Arbib,

Decoy Camp eviction, 30-01-2013. Photo copyright Adrian Arbib,

Decoy Pond camp – the third of three camps that had been erected on the path of the planned Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR) – was finally evicted yesterday (Wednesday 30 Jan).

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Alex Salmond and The Power of the Church and other Corporations

31-01-2013 07:11

I did my best to talk with Salmond on the issues no one wishes to address especially elite institutions and those aspiring to be among them.

I have a few videos on you tube I would be grateful for some interest and comments and re-sharing.

here is my most recent event.

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Cowardly EDL Try To Disrupt Manchester Anti-fascist Gig @EDL @TheRamanShackle

31-01-2013 03:16

Alas! The end of the EDL is nigh! The priest has been called and the last rites have already been served on this pathetic excuse of a far right football-powered bootboy organisation. Bearing this in mind, a small pod of fascist footsoldiers have insanely decided they want to go out with all guns blazing in a heavily anti-fascist student area of Manchester. They intend to violently disrupt the anti-fascist benefit gig happening on the 9th of February at the Ram and Shackle pub on Wilmslow Road, Manchester. This is a very popular student pub frequented by a solid anti-fascist 95% student audience from Withington and Fallowfield.

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VID Julian Assange speaks at the Oxford Union.7 months of solidarity at embassy

30-01-2013 21:22

VIDEO (21 mins) Julian Assange speaks at the Oxford Union Jan 23rd.

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CHD: 'Please Help Financially' We Really Need The Money!

30-01-2013 12:26

We need your help!

The Combe Haven Defenders Need Your Financial Support!

Please help us cover our costs. We need to print leaflets, purchase food and cooking equipment for the camp, and cover the travel costs for the speakers who are coming from outside East Sussex …

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time for action! people/organisations to target NOW!

30-01-2013 12:04

It's time to make a STAND!!! NOW!

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From Bristol With Love 32

30-01-2013 10:55

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A Climate Warning From the Future

30-01-2013 03:57

Scientist Dr. David Karoly says record heat & fires in Australia are a warning to the world. "The bug guy" U. of Maryland's Dr. Michael Raupp on insects in a warming world. Steven Davis explains why climate solutions advanced just 9 years ago are no longer possible.

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High Velocity DNA Gun by Selectamark Tags Criminals With Unique Code ...,

29-01-2013 22:05

Check Out the New Gun That Allows Cops to Shoot and Capture Your DNA
Jan. 25, 2013 8:22am Liz Klimas

High Velocity DNA Gun by Selectamark Tags Criminals With Unique Code to Ensure Proper Arrest

SelectaDNA’s high velocity DNA tagging system in action, available in both pistol and rifle formats. (Photo: Selectamark Security Systems)

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SchNEWS: Decoy Polloi - Bexhill holds out

29-01-2013 20:54

Full article with links!/

Update 29th Jan – The first of the tree-houses were evicted today. Resisters have described the process as 'slow, methodical and careful'.

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BBC South East News 28th Jan 2013 Re: Combe Haven Defenders

29-01-2013 20:34

Video of the Camp Decoy Eviction and opinion from News Readers and public....

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All Hallows Community Cooperative, Easton

29-01-2013 18:55


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EVF in Birmingham

29-01-2013 18:30

anti fash
On Saturday 26th January the English Volunteer Force (EVF) - a splinter group from the EDL held their first ever demo in Birmingham

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48 hours to ban bee killers

29-01-2013 17:51

Quietly, globally, billions of bees are dying, threatening our crops and food. But in 48 hours the European Union could move to ban the most poisonous pesticides, and pave the way to a global ban that would save bees from extinction.

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Demo and picket in support of Dismissed Halesowen College Lecturers

29-01-2013 17:24

A bitter dispute over the sacking of lecturers at a Midlands college looks set to worsen, as UCU members have voted unanimously to ballot for strike action