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EVF in Birmingham

iNo Pasaran! | 29.01.2013 18:30 | Anti-racism | Birmingham

On Saturday 26th January the English Volunteer Force (EVF) - a splinter group from the EDL held their first ever demo in Birmingham

anti fash
anti fash


Unlike other parts of Europe where fascism seems to be thriving with groups like Golden Showers the far right in the UK by comparison are a complete shambles. With the BNPs popularity seeming to have peaked a few years ago and the EDL occupied by internal fighting and break away groups not to mention their leader being imprisoned for being an illegal immigrant. One such break away group the English Volunteer Force run by Will Anderson AKA Jason Lock, decided to publicly launch themselves by having their first demo in Birmingham. There were about 40 fash who spent most of their time drinking in a pub on Broad Street (the Brasshouse). They came out for half an hour to protest then went back to drinking.

A larger antifascist group formed on the opposite side of the road but were soon moved on by police (who out outnumbered both groups) with a section 14 of the public order act. They reassembled in Chamberlain Square, the group was made up of several different groups including Birmingham Strong Justice for All, Anonymous, UAF, several Trade Unions and random autonomous anti-fascists. No arrests were made.

iNo Pasaran!


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