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Cowardly EDL Try To Disrupt Manchester Anti-fascist Gig @EDL @TheRamanShackle

Northwest Anarchist! | 31.01.2013 03:16 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

Alas! The end of the EDL is nigh! The priest has been called and the last rites have already been served on this pathetic excuse of a far right football-powered bootboy organisation. Bearing this in mind, a small pod of fascist footsoldiers have insanely decided they want to go out with all guns blazing in a heavily anti-fascist student area of Manchester. They intend to violently disrupt the anti-fascist benefit gig happening on the 9th of February at the Ram and Shackle pub on Wilmslow Road, Manchester. This is a very popular student pub frequented by a solid anti-fascist 95% student audience from Withington and Fallowfield.

This is the EDL's Alamo, not that we expect EDLers to have read a single history book. Google the Alamo, and read what happened to General Yaxley Custer (Cowardly Custard).

Libertarian apologists of the EDL mouth on incessantly about choosing to defend their right to "free speech" (hate speech), taking bitter and twisted exception to the suggestion that EDLers are all thickoes. To be fair, that is not exactly true - there were some EDL members with a small semblance of brainage who left between 2010 and 2011, and decided to grow back their grey matter through staying off the coke and Stella, and thus getting family lives they wouldn't otherwise have.

Those remaining are the idiotic no-life hardcore who have gambled all their chips on Stevie Lennon (AKA Whatever), and think he is their savour. You bought all his merchandise, you paid good money for his coach trips, and you even bought your local and national leaders drinks, when they conveniently forgot to arrived fully pursed-up. Plenty of you are so brainwashed to be indebted to "Tommy Robinson" and Kev Carroll, you would more than happy insert your tongues dutifully up your leaders arses' if you were told it is your patriotic duty to do so.

A small flurry of bravado-boosted Albert Einstein EDLers have posted arse-brained have posted threats of what they intend to do, up on Facebook and Twitter, hoping to scare the gig into being cancelled, failing to realise full well that the Old Bill read all your far right Facebook posts, and have already sent memos to Special Branch to pay special early-morning visits to the loudmouthed protagonists. Here's hoping the likes of Craig Bridge, the woman who calls herself "Mel's Mum", pretend Muslim "Mustafa Moan", "Danny Banter", Shaun Jones, Danny Branter, Damien (who works at Infotech Limited), Danny Tipton, Steven Heath, Jason Scott, Robert Cross and the whole sorry shambles that are left in the Northern EDL are protected from destroying their own lives away, and turning up to cause trouble and get promptly arrested.

It's not BIG... It's not CLEVER... lol It's not gonna achieve didley squat. Not when they will be outnumbered 25-1 (the single-floored venue hosts 250 people)

If you do manage to get inside the Ram and Shackle, and are chased out towards the bus stop in an asthmatic dash, ABRACADABRA, let's hope a Magic Bus conjures itself before your very eyes before those naughty anti-fascists catch up with you, and REACH OUT AND GRAB YER. We wouldn't want nothing nasty to happen to you, so you can claim your crown as "The Pisspuddle Martyrs", whilst wiping the diarrhea off your pimply, acne-clad racist arses.

Let's hope for their sad, pathetic sakes these fetid EDL bowel remnants are arrested beforehand for conspiracy to commit acts of violence and public disorder, so they won't be apprehended for more serious charges on the day. Dozens of screenshotters have already helpfully contacted the Greater Manchester Police Service so they can conduct immediate inquiries, handcuffs swinging, CRASBOs at the ready. With more criminal convictions than self-pleasure sessions, Internet EDLers are piss-easy to track down in real life. Believe me!

The Curry Mile is just down from Wilmslow Road, and anybody thinking of causing trouble at that particular multicultural district, once arrested, can expect an least five or six years in the clink without parole. That means, if female EDL cretins like "Mel's Mum" want to get up to no good on their way to the gig, they would lose custody of their children (Mel's Mum would be Mel's Former Mum) lol.

Since the Manchester Riots, the Manchester Police have decided to clamp toughly upon the very start of public disorder, with batons flying, which means the whole EDL magic carpet ride will end up in the hospital wing at Strangeways. The safest place to be in the toughest of the UK's prisons, if you ask me.

Strangeways is no badge of honour. Be our guest, Google it if you don't believe me. I'd seriously think twice before coming to Manchester, if I were you.

Word has it, Robert "Wolfie" Cross, and Jason "Viking" Scott, if you have taken remedial reading classes and manage to take this important message in - some cruel anti-fascist with notorious connections inside might be having a kindly word at visiting time (tobacco gifts laden) with some blokes from Yard (not Scotland Yard), reminding them of the EDL's online thoughts about Malcolm X. Even if you don't come face to face with anyone who detests your churning, farting guts before you even arrive, please bear in mind, most of Manchester's Strangeways lifer crews are mixed-race. That means you will get black, white and Asian people bonded together. They are gonna have some right good fun when they discover you are EDL.

I could say "I wish I could be there to see it", however anti-fascists will not rise to your level and swallow your toxic bait. We could if you so wished mete like for like but we won't because, surprise, surprise, while the theorem of practical UK anarchism rates self-defence as a completely last resort. Vastly outnumbered on the day by your idle threats, we need do little more than point and laugh (if any of you pathetic little losers do actually turn up on the day rather than make fb threats), to put you in your place.

The days of sympathetic policing (Bolton et al.) have long since died a death, since the EDL have outlived their usefulness to both government and state handlers. The gloves are now finally off, establishment-wise, bearing in mind the EDL gang from Bradford who attacked the anti-fash benefit gig in Leeds got unexpectedly unresoluting sentences of between four and fourteen months for nothing more than throwing a handful of missiles and breaking a window at what was a similar event to the Ram and Shackle gig.

When piss-poor poser Jason "Viking" Scott is safety behind bars, doing porridge in Strangeways, (if he is pig-headed enough to attend the EDL's Alamo, to avoid both the "Yardies" and the mixed-race gangs, there is only one safe crew for fascists and neo-Nazis to join once you're in jail - the British KKK (with links to the American lot). You are nicknamed "The Viking", so let's hope You Know Your Fourteen Words, and can pray incessantly to Odin ("lol-Din") to protect you during your stay for trying to cause a serious public disturbance in Manchester's student district.

One of the Clever Bunch posting on fb, Craig Bridge, has bragged and boasted about he has been round the student district in Fallowfield, ripping down posters for this gig. I wouldn't if I were you, Little Sunny Jim. Fly-posting is a highly organised business these days, extremely territorial, and if the peeps paid to put the posters up, see you defacing or vandalising them, heaven help you, Mr Bridge! You could end up hanging from one, lol! Maybe not, lol, but you will have plenty of (dark alley sucking) explaining to do!... LOL

Oh, and don't think you can sneak into the gig unnoticed, EDL scumnants! Pictures of the above, have been lifted off Facebook and circulated to the police, but they will also be pinned to the lamposts in the area by keen anti-fascists who topically remember the end of Mussolini's deadly reign of terror. This will be done, not to hurt anyone (antifascists = peaceful, even towards neo-Nazi scum intent on spoiling people's fun), but so the venue and the police can be alerted.

There are one or two nice surprises for EDLers who make it this far - but we will not spill all of the beans. Across the road from the Ram, is an underground club where serious anarchist ravers out. Just a text and many willing souls showing the true Dunkirk Spirit will come running to the assistance of the venue, if you still think you're out to cause trouble. Many more anti-fash can be mobilised in a very short time with the aid of group texts, so don't try anything dickheadish.

One of the cretins captured on the screenshot above, boasted how he put on a fake -Scottish accent, pretending to be SDL while leaving messages on the Ram & Shackle mobile phone. Small minds get amused by insignificant things, LOL

Having placed all their eggs in one basket, and bet every last penny on the EDL becoming as big as the Third Reich in Germany, now they know this hasn't got a cat's in hell's chance of happening, many of them have thus decided want to be martyrs to a particular brand of organised racism derided by many of your fellow "nationalists" as being "Zionist-led".

Just what particular good has come out of being sheep for a drug dealer / tanning salon owner in Luton who has shafted you left, right and centre with his get-rich-quick schemes in the name of "patriotism", God only knows?????

The EDL, like all bad things, is coming to a sticky end, now the Tories are in power, so toss your Union Jack gimp masks into the wheelie bin before it is too late, and your lives are destroyed through the long-term workings of the criminal justice system. We are caring, humanitarian people. Okay, we'll pretend you are not thick (for the next few seconds), and you are capable of radical social realignment (doh, slaps forehead!), or whatever. LOL

Don't walk into the EDL's Alamo Trap in Manchester, to please Cowardly Tommy Custard.

Save yourselves before it's too late.

Saying that, maybe it is too late. It's all pigs and pork to you "infidelic" lot, until you get arrested by them (lol). Chances are you lonely fixated EDLers you have been playing with your pork swords all day long, and have vibed up your adrenaline so much, you don't give a shit if you are arrested or not.

LISTEN UP, TWATS!!! Yaxley Lennon and Unkle Kev Karroll don't give a monkey's about the plight of their neo-nazi footsoldiers. Neither do the American pro-Israeli funders of the EDL. You are expendable gimps, sadomasochists on a hiding for nothing.


Northwest Anarchist!


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