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Capitalisms Biggest success story "THE MAFIA"

23-10-2007 10:55

Forza Mafia !! INNIT
If anyone had any doubt about the mafia being the number one success story for (democratic) Capitalism an article published today in most Italian newspapers should put you straight on that one. Italy was founded by freemasons and run by the mafia from the off but now the mafia have recently become "ligit" business men or rather more accurately they have totally corrupted the entire politcal process and are therefore totally exempt from all controls.

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Asylum Seekers Beaten and Abused in UK Detention Centres:

23-10-2007 10:43

A still from the film.
Reportage from Harmondsworth Detention Centre in February 2007, where a solidarity noise demo was held to show support for those locked up there.

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Garden City Social - Peterloo Memorial benefit

23-10-2007 09:20

£4 on the door
8pm Sat 24th November 2007
Yard Theatre, Old Birley Street, nr Kim By the Sea, Hulme M15 5RF

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Reports from the Delegation to Palestiine - This is Life in the Jordan Valley

23-10-2007 08:18

This is one of a series of reports from the Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group. A group aimed at forming and building on links between grassroots groups in Tubas region, Palestine and Brighton, UK.

There are currently ten embers of the group in palestiine as part of a week long delegation to document Israeli human riights abuses in the region, make new links and strenghtn existing projects..

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23-10-2007 00:28

Wednesday 24th October 2007 7pm-9pm

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Oil Struggles and Human Rights in Barrancabermeja and Casanare

23-10-2007 00:26

7pm Tuesday 23 October

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Midsummer House - Campaign Site

22-10-2007 22:43

New campaign site against Midsummer House in Cambridge

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No Borders film night, 23/10, Cardiff

22-10-2007 22:38

An evening of films, feedback and popcorn hosted by your local friendly no borders group...

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The Vícam Declaration: “we will defend mother earth with our lives”

22-10-2007 22:30

Reports from the Encuentro of the Indigenous People of América are still coming in. I was hoping to share with you an English version of the Encuentro's "Vícam Declaration," but I've not yet found it available in print...and the task of translating from the audio recording seemed too daunting. So here in its place is a solid piece by Hermann Bellinghausen:

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Oil Production Peaked in 2006

22-10-2007 22:03

A report from the Energy Watch Group, was reported in The Guardian today:,,2196435,00.html it's conclusion follows. Of course long before the MSM started to pick up on the key issue of Peak Oil it was reported here:

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Mapuche supporters call for Vigil at Chilean Embassy, London.

22-10-2007 19:07

Vigil to be held on : Friday 26 October 2007

Contact Reynaldo on #0117-9279391 for more info and transport.

Caring people needed ................. please be there!

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Rolls Royce - Police go over the top yet again

22-10-2007 18:27

Hundreds of police where involved in a massive operation outside Rolls Royce Raynesway factory in Derby today (22/10/2007). They stopped a number of vehicles approaching the site. The vehicles and occupants were searched for over one and a half hours before being allowed to proceed to an enclosed pen to continue their protests armed with their dangerous leaflets.

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Benefit night for Break the Siege - Free Gaza

22-10-2007 18:00

Benefit night for Break the Siege - Free Gaza at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge on Dec 20th to raise money for the Freegaza campaign. It is 'A Winter Festival Party' featuring Sketch (Maggie Boyle, Gary Boyle and Dave Bowie), Captain Hotknives, Clive Russell and The Bookworms (plus DJ).
Doors open at 8.30pm, £5 or £4 entry. All proceeds go to humanitarian aid.

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Phill and Cat from Glasgow Unity in the dock!

22-10-2007 17:22

Their trial starts in Glasgow Sheriff Court on Wednesday 24th October.
Cat and Phill are asking for as many people as possible to come along
to show their support.

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Palestine Today 102207

22-10-2007 16:46

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday, October 22nd, 2007.

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Fossil fuels should stay underground

22-10-2007 16:42

Citizens concerned about climate change need to wake up to the fact that we can't afford to rely on scientifically dubious carbon offsetting or sequestration, or on bending over backwards to limit our own emissions in the naive hope that the rest of the world will follow suit. The only safe place for the world's remaining stocks of fossil fuels is to stay where they belong - underground.

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Community Gardeners Object To Council Eviction

22-10-2007 16:41

At our meeting on Sunday, Common Ground Community Garden Collective agreed that we wanted to make the following points to the public and the media about the eviction of the community garden:

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Common Ground Community Garden Evicted! For Now....

22-10-2007 16:35

Press Release:

Common Ground Squatted Community Garden Evicted - For Now...

Below is an account of the eviction of Common Ground Community Garden. Please e-mail further enquiries to the following e-mail address: katesgrovegraden(AT)

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Crossrail - Why Crossrail Committee chair Labour MP Alan Meale is dodgy?

22-10-2007 16:28

Petitioners who have been surprised by the actions of the Crossrail Committee led by Alan Meale MP may wish to know that Meale was a PPS to John Prescott: as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party between 1994-97. Mr Meale has been censoring witnesses and stopping petitioners from questioning the flawed crossrail scheme. Mr Meale left his position with Prescott after complaints that he lobbied for planning conent for developments 160 miles away from any of his declared interests. With ethics like these, Meale is a natural friend of two Jags John Prescott and for hiding the truth of the Crossrail scheme.

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Fascists not welcome at this hotel

22-10-2007 15:45

A letter from the director of a Dresden Hotel cancelling the booking of MPs from the local BNP-equivalent party (NPD, German equivalent of the BNP).