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01-07-2005 09:10

The Carnival for Full Enjoyment - due to burst onto Edinburgh’s streets on Monday at noon - has denounced Army Recruitment Centres as “lie centres” and alleges the army relies on low wages and unemployment to drive young people into their clutches.

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G8- BRING 10mm Rope + Climber's Karabiners

01-07-2005 09:07

People are saying make sure that you bring rope ( 10mm builders blue polyproperlene will do) and any old rock climbing carabiners. Try to
get 50+ metres of rope. - old climbers rope is also great.
And bring waterproof walking boots and 1 litr water bottles.

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London Critical Mass.

01-07-2005 08:12

Short movie of the May 2005 Mass.

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U.S. Disinformation War Continues

01-07-2005 05:51

"It is difficult to fathom that this individual, working under the auspices of the U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, will not be promoting a pro-US agenda. As evidenced in recently declassified documents from the FBI regarding the Luis Posada Carriles case, it was the FBI officer in Venezuela that maintained contact with Posada Carriles during his years in Venezuela apparently as the liaison between the Cuban terrorist and the U.S. intelligence community."

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Hacker Activist Raided by FBI re:, publishes Hacktivist zine

01-07-2005 03:21

Chicago FBI agents raided and seized all electronic equipment in Jeremy Hammond's apartment in an investigation regarding the hacking of has published a hacktivist magazine describing their experiences and what they've learned over the past year regarding online security culture.

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01-07-2005 03:02

LIBERTA' DI parola


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Why we are anti-capitalist. Why we are fighting the G8.

01-07-2005 02:44

We are anti-capitalist because we do not believe that capitalism can be consistent with democracy, social justice, environmental sense or the fight against AIDS: an argument, via Starbucks and Bill Gates, for why the South is all of us.

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01-07-2005 00:13

Thankfully the theatrical arty shite is kept to the minimum.
Below are some pictures and my personal thoughts on the first UK theatre production of the events that took place in Genoa 2001.

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30-06-2005 23:42

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Cuba, Spain, China, and Russia.

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Helicopter Disturbance

30-06-2005 23:23

My neighbourhood is constantly suffering from helicopter noise disturbances, anyone else interested in kicking up a stink if you are in the same boat?

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Accommodation situation in Edinburgh

30-06-2005 22:53

Jack Kayne Centre?!!!
On Friday the first of July at 4 pm, we will meet at the spokescouncil in Teviot Building Student Union, Bristo Square, Edinburgh to decide collectively what alternative options we have.

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dame st demo

30-06-2005 20:56

Video picture
blind and visual impaired people demonstrate in dame st las monday 27th

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Bristol Stop The War Coalition News Update : 30th June 2005

30-06-2005 20:27

Bristol Stop The War Coalition News Update

June 30th 2005

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link to g8 radical radio

30-06-2005 19:19

radical radio being streamed from the g8 in scotland

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Caravan of Courage Update

30-06-2005 19:06

Anti-capitalist convoy departs tomorrow; updates of its exploits will be posted here.

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Live 8 - Making Poverty History? Or Entrenching Our Irresponsibility?

30-06-2005 18:06

"These eight guys should to this thing" Bob Geldof has said of the G8 leaders gathering in Scotland. Do these 8 men really have the power to change the world?

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First Aid Training in Edinburgh

30-06-2005 18:05

Friday 1 July
Learn: How to be safe at an action
How to prepare yourself and your friends
How to treat commonly seen injuries and illnesses
How to decontaminate from crowd-control chemical weapons
How to care for yourself and your friends after the protest

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media distortion during G8

30-06-2005 17:09

Camcorder Guerillas

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Interesting article about the problems of activism at the G8

30-06-2005 17:02

Think this artical by Marco of Eurodusnie is worth a look for thoughs wondering what the actavist respons to the G8 is all about.

G8 and the comeback of the alter-globalists

Geschreven door Marco van Duijn

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

A great deal has changed since the alter-globalisation movement put itself in the spotlight during the WTO summit in Seattle. The global mobilisations against free trade summits reached a peak in Seattle and almost a year later in Prague, during the annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank. The end of the alter-globalisation movement was accompanied by an orgy of violence during G8 summit in Genoa (2001) and briefly following the events in New York on September 11. This summer another G8 meeting will take place in Scotland. While the world leaders of the eight most powerful countries entrench themselves in a golfing resort behind seven kilometres of fencing, the alter-globalists are preparing a comeback.

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Diabolical antics from Diageo - tactical drinking...

30-06-2005 16:55

Tactical drinking...