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The Terrible Truth About ID Cards

14-04-2006 10:31

The UK ID card is not what you think it is. It is not a simple identity document like your passport or driving licese. It is in fact, a database backed control grid and the fulfilment of Orwells nightmare.

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14-04-2006 09:51

Apologies for any cross-posting

Please send urgent letters of support calling for Ms Chalimpa's removal later today to be stopped and for her to be released from detention and allowed access to the expert psychiatric and other support she urgently needs - see details below.

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Belgrade Roma Rot In Cardboard City

14-04-2006 08:47

Few Serbian Roma put much faith in official promises to tackle their lousy conditions.

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Cornish Wildlife Sanctuary to be trashed for posh houses and cars

14-04-2006 08:08

Developers MDL plan to turn a tranquil ex quarry on the Cornish coast into posh houses and a hotel and marina, bringing traffic nightmares and roadbuilding to a congested Cornish village. Locals want the quarry to become a wildlife park and study centre, but the corrupt council won't listen.

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Detainee hunger strike on

14-04-2006 04:44

From Jason N. Parkinson. Hits top story for Europe.

Over 100 immigration detainees have gone on hunger strike in the UK, alleging they were bullied and beaten during a protest against their treatment by authorities...

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Bogus Aspartame Study Exposed by Experts

14-04-2006 04:43

They tried to pass off a multifood form a decade ago with one reference to aspartame in coffee or tea as an aspartame cancer study. They were trying to rebut the impeccable Ramazzini Study which showed once and for all aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen.

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Why Are You Here?

14-04-2006 00:48

First-hand observations of how the Iraqi people have suffered show why Iraqis--for the past three years and despite a U.S. importation of democracy--have wanted the occupation to end.

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realfathers4justice - easter protest

13-04-2006 22:59

the 'real fathers for justice' have done a easter 'crucificition' demo at westminster abby - pictures + more information

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War and Globalization - The Truth Behind 9/11

13-04-2006 19:50

In this lecture by Michel Chossudovsky, he blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media...

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Alarmist warning over B17

13-04-2006 18:02

Alarmist warnings over B17, yet again. That same story has been resurfacing for decades - every time B17 gets popular. It's one of the most blatant examples of organized health fraud perpetuated by the vested interests via the dumb media.

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Enviroment Agency in Cancer Cover up

13-04-2006 16:39

The Environment Agency (EA) are today accused of failing in their duty to protect the public as they are knowingly allowing Eastcroft Incinerator in Nottingham to continue to operate, despite it emitting levels of cancer causing poisons many times higher than allowed under their operating licence.

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Southcoast Vine and Fig Planter gets muddied hands in Sweden

13-04-2006 16:33

Hoppestubbe Mor goes to deepest Sweden to infiltrate the Swedish Peace movement / and a weapons factory at Borfors (SAAB/BaE etc).

Much intrigue ensues better than any TV (get involved and TV will only bore you). Wink wink.

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Water shortages

13-04-2006 14:33

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

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Greenpeace board and brand pirate ship in Las Palmas

13-04-2006 13:31

© Greenpeace/Gleizes
Las Palmas, Spain — Activists from the Esperanza have climbed on board an illegal cargo vessel full of fish stolen from Guinean waters. Greenpeace and the Environmental Justice Foundation tailed the "Binar 4" for six days, as it sailed from West Africa to dump its pirate catch on the European market.
The team of activists will "police" the vessel in the port of Las Palmas until Spanish authorities move to confiscate its illegal cargo. As the "Binar 4" waited to enter port it was branded with the words "Stolen Fish" - painted five times across both sides of its hull.

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Greenpeace activists occupy Monsanto GM seed facility in France

13-04-2006 13:24

On 13 April 2006 activists occupied the seed factory of Monsanto in Trèbes, Aude, France. As of 2pm local time, 100 activists are still inside the building carrying out a "citizen's inspection", looking for GM seeds.

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Rally for freedom for Vanunu - Wed 19th April

13-04-2006 11:53

The Vanunu Freedom Bike Ride from Faslane to London will arrive in Oxford on Wendesday April 19th.

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war hero convicted

13-04-2006 11:41

Flight-Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith is a New Zealand doctor serving with the RAF. After serving twice in Iraq and also Afghanistan he decided for himself that the war is illegal and refused a further posting. He was just court martialled and found guilty and so faces unlimited imprisonment and the full costs of his conviction, literally.

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London Zine Symposium 2006

13-04-2006 11:12

Join us for the second annual London Zine Symposium. A day of zines, DIY attitudes, creativity and fun.