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Southcoast Vine and Fig Planter gets muddied hands in Sweden

Les Gibbons | 13.04.2006 16:33 | Anti-militarism | Health | Social Struggles | South Coast

Hoppestubbe Mor goes to deepest Sweden to infiltrate the Swedish Peace movement / and a weapons factory at Borfors (SAAB/BaE etc).

Much intrigue ensues better than any TV (get involved and TV will only bore you). Wink wink.

The Swedish Peace movement was deeply infiltrated this week by south coast intelligence expert Hoppestubbe Mor who travelled to Sweden to meet with Swedish, Danish and American Peace people who were walking from Orebro to Karlskoga to plant vine and fig trees at a weapons factory. Their methods of bridging with the 'enemy' the weapons makers has begun to show promising results and it is essential that british peace activists do not on any account learn how its done.

Posing as a peace walker he was embraced into the community who walked who walked to first Borfors (Karlsgoga).

Vine and fig trees were planted at the factory and after dialoge with the staff there occurred, this came from an invitation. Next time is not through invitation (tomorrow).

This was a truly dangerous approach which protesters ought to take note of.

Officials ast the factory were surprised when his disguise was taken off in the meeting.

Not much time left before I get found out.
Must go Wink wink - more later.
Hoppestubbe Mor

Les Gibbons
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