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PCC Sue Mountstevens' husband is Stephen Robertson, Director of Business West

12-09-2015 19:57

How 'Independent' is Avon & Somerset PCC Sue Mountstevens?
With a protracted waste of public money Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens is facing questions about why she is blocking the reinstatement of Chief Constable Nick Gargan

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#EDL IGNORE BABY RAPING GANG @edlnews @mischeeky666 @slatedl @slatukip #ANTIFA

11-09-2015 14:42

Every case of a paedophile gang abusing children, when the abusers have brown skins and Muslim-sounding names, has been targeted by drunken, racially abusive fascist groups such as the EDL and Britain First, without fail, all across the UK. However, when a Bristol-based gang of white Anglo-Saxon paedos sexually abused babies and filmed their horrific beyond words abuse on the internet, far right groups such as the EDL have refused to blink an eyelid.

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UG#716 - The Dark Heart of The Vast Machine (Secret Society, Secret Justice...)

11-09-2015 13:19

This episode is a thoughtful exploration of the reality of UK democracy, and is liberally seasoned by Robin Upton musing on the Deep State. We begin with Secret Society - a BBC expose of the political process that was made in the 1980s but after being "leaned on" was never broadcast. Next Secret Justice, an essay on the fundamental unaccountability of MI5, claims to the contrary notwithstanding. We conclude our reading of Brian Bogart's Sins of Statecraft: The War on Terror Exposed.

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Oxford Council to shun Dalai Lama?

11-09-2015 10:33

Campaign group Free Tibet has asked Oxford City Council to extend an official welcome to the Dalai Lama when he visits the city on the 14th of September. So far, the council has not responded,leading to fears it is wary of offending the Chinese government.

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RTF International Action Camp 2015: Towards a world without prisons

08-09-2015 09:58

Overview/report-back of the recent Reclaim the Fields International Action Camp in Wrexham, North Wales.

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British Embassy in NZ claims "we're doing better than most European countries"

08-09-2015 03:48

British citizens in New Zealand protest UK response to refugee crisis outside British High Commission. Embassy spokesperon Pip Morris claims there has been no military intervention in Syria despite PM David Cameron admitting extra judicial assassinations in Syria.

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Doors of the Ukrainian prisons are again open for Julia Tymoshenko.

07-09-2015 11:05

From June 27 to July 9 of 2015 Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) has conducted a nationwide opinion poll.
NOTICE! The survey was conducted before the events in Mukachevo and before sending the draft amendments of the Constitution by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to Constitutional Court to decentralize power. Considering resonance of these events and active discussion in the media, they can affect the future dynamics of public opinion.

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N. Maziotis: "The country is a powder keg. . ."

07-09-2015 09:05

New Translation from imprisoned urban guerrilla Nikos Maziotis

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07-09-2015 03:22

Our people are welcome in Europe!

Defend our people, oppose white supremacy racism!

Oppose Nato and death squad wars and destabilisation in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia etc

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(A-Radio) ABC Belarus on the release of the prisoners and the upcoming elections

06-09-2015 20:08

On August 22, the Belarusian president Lukashenko signed papers to release all official political prisoners in the country. This includes the three anarchists that were still imprisoned. As Anarchist Radio Berlin (, we talked with Anarchist Black Cross Belarus about their release and the upcoming elections among other things.

For security reasons, this interview has been re-recorded using our own voices.

You'll find the audio (to listen online or download in different sizes) here:

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UG#715 - Pulling Dragon's Teeth(Blowing The Whistle on Whistleblower Protection)

06-09-2015 05:42

This week we emphasize the structural roots of the current spate of False Flag terrorism - the unaccountable power of the supranational Deep State. Public 'checks and balances' to stop 'bad apples' will never tackle the problem of a barrel that is itself rotten; laws passed by states seek to hide, not to expose the hidden and therefore unaccountable nexus of self-interest that is the deep state. In our first hour, a debunking of "whistleblower protection". In our second, we continue reading Brian Bogart's, Sins of Statecraft: The War on Terror Exposed. A 20 minute time out to hear from J. Michael Springmann, formerly head of the visa issuing section in the US consulate in Jeddah, who was unceremoniously dismissed after attempting to blow the whistle on the irregular visa issuing practices.

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North East EDL member and BNP supporter from Stanley exposed

03-09-2015 22:37

Deborah Humphrey - North East EDL
North East EDL member and BNP supporter from Stanley, Durham exposed - Deborah Humphrey

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Philippines: Bongbong’s whitewashing of Marcos name anathema to 2016 plans

03-09-2015 12:44

Akbayan took exception to Senator Bongbong Marcos’s statement that there was no downside to being a Marcos should he decide to run for higher office in 2016.

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‘Zionist’ Kiev Flies to the European Far Right for Support

03-09-2015 10:13

Current meltdown in world financial markets, presaging global financial crisis, complete with ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, engineered super large scale movement of population from problem regions, as well as, feasible domestic opposition in Ukraine will necessarily lead to tipping the balance of forces between main political movements in Europe.

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Left is dead, -again-.

02-09-2015 22:40

Left is dead, -again-. English version of political analysis in Greece, from collective for social anarchism «Black & Red» [Thessaloniki July 2015]

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Handbook for student radicals

02-09-2015 11:53

New publication on student organising! Get it here -

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Sweden has refused to disclose information on military crimes of the Ukrainian A

02-09-2015 09:39

It’s been a well-known fact for quite a while that mercenaries from all round the world were fighting with Ukrainian Army. Nobody is trying to conceal it. As for their involvement in war crimes (tortures, massacre of civilians and shootings of POWs, etc.), it hasn’t been confirmed so far.

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San Francisco 9/11 Truth Film Festival to be streamed online Sept 10th

02-09-2015 05:59

San Francisco Bay Area 9/11 Truth Film Festival Thursday, Sept 10th 20:00 GMT
9 Hours of Films and Speakers
Web Stream Ticket includes Archives for 21 days afterwards
WATCH ONLINE -- Details:

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North East EDL exposed Sunderland and Billingham members

02-09-2015 01:57

Karen Graham - North East EDL
Info on North East EDL members from Sunderland and Billingham