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Promotion for police commander involved in de Menezes shooting

21-09-2006 09:48

Cressida Dick, the police commander in charge of the “shoot-to-kill” operation that led to the death of Jean Charles in London last year, has been recommended for promotion to deputy assistant commissioner, one of the highest ranks in the capital’s Metropolitan Police service.

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Sir Christopher Evans

21-09-2006 09:47

Did not steal his investors money.

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Climate change sceptic Bjorn Lomberg on radio 4

21-09-2006 09:39

Caroline Lucas featured prominently on the radio 4 programme Iconoclasts last night which was a debate with the maverick political scientist Bjorn Lomborg who was trying to convince everyone that not only is climate change not a real threat, but that trying to do anything about it is a big waste of money.

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Manchester University Students Oppose National Identity Register

21-09-2006 09:21

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Students at Manchester University have sent a clear message to the Government ahead of the Labour Party Conference by forming a society opposed to the National Identity Register and Identity Cards.

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World Leaders, Reading the Same Script

21-09-2006 09:17

Wake up and smell the sulphur....

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How the War Party plans to lie us into war – again

21-09-2006 08:56

For the War Party, deception isn't just a tactic, or even a strategy – it's a lifestyle. That's why they're indifferent to getting caught. Like a hardened criminal arrested for his umpteenth felony, the neocons see brazen lying as just a routine procedure. Caught red-handed, they just move on to their next subterfuge, one invariably designed to drag us into war.

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Bush wants a bloodbath in Baghdad

21-09-2006 08:53

Increasingly desperate over the deteriorating situation in Iraq, the Bush administration is demanding that the US-installed government in Baghdad support a savage intensification of repression or give way to a dictatorial regime that will.

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Bombmakers Exposed near Victoria Station

21-09-2006 08:38

"Stop Lockheed - New Nuke Bomb Makers"
Block the Builders/TP/Catholic Worker affinity group rooftop occupation and banner drop from Lockheed Martin UK HQ

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Council acts without consultation

21-09-2006 08:37

Council wants to change public access without proper consultation

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Middle East: Imperial Assault And Tasks For The Left

21-09-2006 08:18

The present interview with Alex Callinicos was performed over several weeks by email spanning late July to mid September. The early questions took place at the start of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. The last five questions were answered in one go in mid September. Because of the length of the interview it was not possible to pose any further questions arising out of these answers.

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Peace Cycle ride concludes.

21-09-2006 07:57

The Peace Cycle set off from London on 6th August to ride all the way to Palestine.

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21-09-2006 06:34

How the US pursues its imperial aims

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Retired Colonel: ‘We Are Conducting Military Operations Inside Iran Right Now'

21-09-2006 06:24

Just now on CNN, Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner (Ret.) said, "We are conducting military operations inside Iran right now. The evidence is overwhelming."

Gardiner, who taught at the U.S. Army’s National War College, has previously suggested that U.S. forces were already on the ground in Iran. Today he added several additional new points.

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Brighton Activists Shut Down Arms Factory

21-09-2006 05:17


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IMF out of the Philippines and South countries now, protesters demand

21-09-2006 03:13

IMF out of the Philippines and South countries now!
On the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) together with the World Bank in Singapore, the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) and other civil society organizations blame “the Fund” for being the single most influential factor for the worsening poverty in the Philippines and other countries in the South.

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Ex-UK Intel Official says Liquid Explosive Claims "Fiction"

21-09-2006 00:35

This is the exclusive story that the entire British media establishment ignored. It's a story that almost every major newspaper was offered, but didn't want to print. It's the story of how the British and American governments, for all intents and purposes, invented a terror threat in August 2006, to trigger a climate of fear and paranoia convenient for the legitimization of a political agenda of intensifying social control at home, and escalating military repression in the Middle East. And in so doing, they diverted the attention of the police and intelligence services toward a phantom, and away from a very real threat that remains intact, and that the government refuses to deal with.

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British Peoples Party - Skint Or Just Totally Incompetent

20-09-2006 23:16

Too thick to even know they're dead.

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Demo to defend the NHS Sat 14 Oct Oxford

20-09-2006 22:56

NHS Logistics workers prepare for strike action
NHS workers and users will march to protest the cuts, breakup and sale of our public health system. The campaign has already seen off giant US multinational UNITED HEALTH and is committed to defent the NHS through mass protests and industrial action.

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C4ISTAR conference and dinner succesfully disrupted

20-09-2006 22:04

Protesters including anarchists, anti-war and animal rights activists converged on Birtsmorton court in Worcestershire this evening causing chaos for the warmongers who were arriving by the coachload hoping to be on time for the C4ISTAR conference and reception dinner.