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People's assembly anti-austerity march

24-06-2014 20:48

50,000 people ignored.

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Short Films: My Message to the Government #MyMsgToTheGov

24-06-2014 15:51

"Hands of Our NHS" People's Assembly National Demo Against Austerity 2014
5 short films were made at the People's Assembly National Demonstration in London (21.06.14). People attending were asked to contribute a one sentence message to the government. The messages were collated to produce 5 short films. The films highlight the impact of government cuts on a diverse range of issues affecting our community.

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50,000 March Against Austerity to a Media Blackout

24-06-2014 10:08

Activists from across the North of England, including coach loads of protesters from Hull, York, Sheffield and Leeds joined a 50,000 strong demonstration in central London against the Austerity programme of the Conservative led coalition Government.

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UG#686 - The US Deep State, 1981-2001 (The Enterprise, Alec Station,9/11 Set-up)

24-06-2014 04:48

We continue where we left off last time, reading from Mark Gorton's unparalleled denunciation of the criminal enterprise at work in USA, Fifty Years of the Deep State. We conclude the first hour by briefly reflecting on Noam Chomsky's opinions on 9/11. In our second hour, we hear a talk by Peter Dale Scott at the 10th anniversary hearings on the 9/11 event, in which he examines the conduct of the US government agencies tasked with protecting the country from terrorist attacks.

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R.I.P. Gerry Conlon. Just released - video of Gerry speaking in Dublin at event for Chelsea Manning

23-06-2014 21:30

Chelsea Manning's mum Susan with Gerry Conlon at Trinity College

Gerard (Gerry) Conlon, framed for the Guildford pub bombings in 1974, illegally rendered from Ireland and tortured by the British state and who served nearly 15 years in English jails, died in his native Belfast at the weekend, aged 60.

"On the 29 November 2013, an event was held in Trinity College Dublin to mark the visit of the family of Chelsea Manning to Dublin. During the evening Gerard Conlon gave a speech that nobody who was there is ever likely to forget. It was Gerard Conlon at his best: fiery, courageous and compassionate. May he rest in peace." Dave Donnellan.

Watch Dave's video of the speech by following this link to full article or on Vimeo.

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Wales author of climate fiction

23-06-2014 20:52

Interview with author and wanderer Lloyd Jones on his book about future of Wales under climate change. With Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock

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URGENT support needed at Yorkley Court Farm

23-06-2014 16:54

**Support needed now - Please get the the site**

Bailiffs attempted an illegal eviction at Yorkley Court Community Farm this morning & are still there and its likely they will try something on the bottom strip tonight.

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Bakunin-The Spirit of Revolt

23-06-2014 12:41

The bicentenary of Mikhail Bakunin's birth marked by meeting acroos the UK including one in London

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Peace News Summer Camp

23-06-2014 10:58

Never mind Glastonbury Festival..Here's to Peace News Summer Camp

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4 July: Annual Independence FROM America demo at NSA Menwith Hill

22-06-2014 21:29

Join the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) at the main entrance to NSA Menwith Hill, HG1 4QZ, on Friday 4 July from 5pm to 9pm for the annual "Independence FROM America" demonstration.

More info: 01423 884076.

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Anti-war activists maintain a 'peace presence' at Armed Forces Day in Wrexham

22-06-2014 18:49

At the War Memorial

After a fortnight of fruitless communication with Wrexham County Borough Council over its support for and promotion of an event that we knew would be used by military recruiters to target young children, a small group gathered on Llwyn Isaf on Saturday with a 'Peace Presence' at Armed Forces Day.

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21-06-2014 13:51

From columnists and editorials, you can find almost any explanation of events in Iraq you care to find, all of them together yielding precisely a huge muddle

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The 3-in-1 revolution

21-06-2014 03:32

At the risk of oversimplifying the definition of revolution, I dare say it involves three dynamics: critique and destruction of the existing social order, building a new world, and the continuous reinvention of the self.

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IMF Releases Paper on Ending Predatory Behavior

20-06-2014 19:00

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) officially released a major paper focused on increasing stability in the financial system and preventing predatory hold-out behavior in debt restructuring.

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Disgusting Tories try to extend 'Universal Credit' on the sly

20-06-2014 18:40

Pie this and pie it hard!
Those disgusting Tories try to extend 'Universal Credit' on the sly...

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IDEAS FOR FREEDOM 2014: Their class war and ours

20-06-2014 13:58

A weekend of socialist discussion and debate hosted by Workers' Liberty

Thursday 3 - Saturday 6 July
Mostly at University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

For more information and to book tickets online visit

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Struggle for National Democracy

20-06-2014 13:45

This book by Jose Maria Sison is a historical record of the legal struggle for national liberation and democracy against U.S. imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism in the 60s and early 70s. It was the principal legal study material in discussion groups and schools of national democracy which educated the youth cadres and militants from 1967 through the First Quarter Storm of 1970 to the declaration of martial law in 1972.

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Iraqi hydrocarbon prize of U.S. invasion in danger

20-06-2014 07:35

The unfolding collapse of the U.S. proxy government in Baghdad has cut short a process of legalizing the de-nationalization of the hydrocarbon industry in Iraq, which became within reach with the latest electoral victory of the Iraqi prime minister since 2006, Noori al-Maliki.

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[RIO] Demonstration at the inauguration of Maracanã at the World Cup

19-06-2014 12:07

Rio de Janeiro, June 15th 2014 /
Demonstration at the inauguration of Maracanã at theProtests’ Cup:

“There won’t be no Cup! FIFA GO HOME!”

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UK Pornographers Respond to Restrictive Filters with a New Website

19-06-2014 09:48

UK's adult industry members have recently raised some concerns about the performance of the Internet filters introduced by the Government.