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URGENT support needed at Yorkley Court Farm

Reclaim the Fields | 23.06.2014 16:54 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

**Support needed now - Please get the the site**

Bailiffs attempted an illegal eviction at Yorkley Court Community Farm this morning & are still there and its likely they will try something on the bottom strip tonight.

More people are urgently needed to defend the land.

Even if you can just get there for a few hours, it helps to have as many people as possible on site.


In the early hours of this morning, police and private security thugs decended, without prior Notice (a legal requirement), upon the peaceful peasants living on the land, and growing food at Yorkley Court. This outragous, competely unlawful act of aggression came without warning, whilst Yorkley Court Farm are fully engaged with the District Council in their planning process, and were looking likely to be granted the initial stages of planning permission during the coming weeks. We're not sure what exactly the Council, no doubt in colusion with certain private business interests think they're doing, more information as we get it. Please come and help us stop this illegal eviction attempt

How to get there: Head to Yorkley, near Lydney in Gloucestershire. See a map below.

Site mobile: 07784887895

Reclaim the Fields


evening update STILL NEED HELP

23.06.2014 17:48

after the mental situation we found ourselves in this morning - bailiffs in our kitchen/living room building and also in the farmhouse, inside occupant's bedrooms and live-ins, we managed to re-secure and barricade the main yard, hangar and living room/kitchen buildings, and re-possessed the top floor of the house.. after a while we convinced the bailiffs (slightly) that they were acting illegally, and they retreated to the main gate. at the gate we found contract builders setting up a large spiky fence and gate. we retook control of the gate and some of the heavy machinery, and after some confusion amongst the builders, we dug up their fence and gate and loaded all of their kit back onto their lorries. they seemed up for leaving site but then the private security goons wouldn't let them out.... since then we've been building loads of barricades, blockadeing all our gates with vehicles and locking on. there has been little activity from the security since then but they are still here, looking pissed off. we think this siege will continue for days, so any help/food/padlocks would be amazingly useful. please come down, we need everyone who can get here xxx

yorkley court farmer
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24.06.2014 07:51

The situation here is still urgent as of this morning; large numbers of security are currently trying to get on site.

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