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UG#686 - The US Deep State, 1981-2001 (The Enterprise, Alec Station,9/11 Set-up)

Robin Upton | 24.06.2014 04:48 | Analysis | Repression | Terror War | Sheffield | World

We continue where we left off last time, reading from Mark Gorton's unparalleled denunciation of the criminal enterprise at work in USA, Fifty Years of the Deep State. We conclude the first hour by briefly reflecting on Noam Chomsky's opinions on 9/11. In our second hour, we hear a talk by Peter Dale Scott at the 10th anniversary hearings on the 9/11 event, in which he examines the conduct of the US government agencies tasked with protecting the country from terrorist attacks.

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Morpheus tells Neo that "As long as the matrix exists, humanity can not be free." We begin the show by noting a parallel with Peter Dale Scott's observation that "As long as we have a war machine in Washington - every time it needs a war, it gets its war by deep events... since 1959, every single major US war has been predicted by one".

This sets the stage for another reading from Mark Gorton's remarkable Fifty Years of the Deep State. We take a break a few minutes after his summary of the Reagan presidency, which he concludes by suggesting that the assassination attempt on him was a failed coup d’état. After a 4 minute clip of a longer conversation between Jack Blood and James Truth on the 1980 assassination of John Lennon we resume reading Gorton. He summarises George H. W. Bush's criminal "enterprise", Bill Clinton's presidency and the Oklahoma City bombing before looking in detail at Suadi Intelligence involvement in the 9/11 operation. We conclude our first hour with a few minutes of Noam Chomsky declaring he has "no opinion" on bulding 7 and that he is content to leave such matters up to the professionals.

Most of our second hour is given over to a lecture by Peter Dale Scott from the 10th anniversary hearing into 9/11 held in Toronto. He speaks about the conduct of US government officials in the FBI and CIA in the run up to 9/11, centering on "Alec Station", the CIA's "Bin Laden Unit", concentrating on Kevin Fenton's "Disconnecting the dots", which documents an ongoing (failed) attempt to cover up the paper trail revealing who was responsible for the complex series of interventions needed to bring 9/11 to pass. The name of Richard Blee figures prominently (head of the CIA's "Get Bin Laden" Station), so it is appropriate we finish with the start of the podcast which first published his name, "Who is Richard Blee?"

Thanks to the great work of Mark Gorton in writing 50 Years of The Deep State and Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy in publishing "Who is Rich Blee?"

This episode is dedicated to everyone who is determined to swallow the red pill and pursue the truth wherever it leads them.

This episode rebroadcasts content from UG#87.

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