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Aljezeera bombed, northern alliance cheered

14-11-2001 03:50

Now with that troublesome Al Jezeera tv station bombed in Kabul, its time to celebrate the 'liberation' of Kabul with no possibility of dissenting voices spoiling the propaganda party (some people can be so ham handed)

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Demonstrator Explores Pioneering New Strategy For Public Anti-War Demos

14-11-2001 02:59

solo challenger, Carin Elliot, messed excellently with the reigning "patriotic" hysteria today when he showed artsigns and passed out fliers to hundreds of people in Albuquerque which were VERY unlike the kind one mostly sees, perhaps even **pioneering** in their chosen strategy! Analysis of some of the crucial problems in what passes for the "anti-war" milieu included. See also, text of *in-the-heart* artsigns! (see one artsign here, for those who've seen "The Matrix": )

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Hitler's anti-terrorism laws - more uncanny parallels

14-11-2001 02:12

After the Reichstag burnt down Hitler passed anti-terrorism legislation followed by the creation of special courts formed after the supreme court aquitted those charged with terrorism on lack of evidence.

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14-11-2001 01:05

To help publicise Sundays Stop the War demonstration
we are going to blockade Camden High Street this Saturday
(17th) at 2pm, meet outside Camden Tube, please get along
and bring everyone you can.
If you can help, by providing music or other help please email

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Building International Antiwar links and report from national USA antiwar conf

14-11-2001 01:03

Over the weekend representatives of USA campuses up and down the West Coast met in Berkeley to strategise about future anti afghan war acitivism. In the conference, a motion was passed encouraging the coordination of international actions and ideas for protesting the war. This article describes the conference and calls for activists from the UK and beyond to connect with activists in the USA to oppose the war.

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There aremore wars to not fight

14-11-2001 00:55

The war in central Africa, just like the Afghan scenario, is a long history of American support of terrorism. It has killed 2.5 million people over the last few years, significantly increased by the mining of and struggle for control of the Congolese / Rwanda / Burundi border region. Here the composite mineral ‘coltan’ is found and it is used, when processed into ‘tantalum capacitors, in electronic devices, especially laptops and mobile phones. The responsibility, at the end of the day, for the deaths of millions of people lies with you and me, for using the technologies, and with Sony, Nokia et. al for skimming the cream.

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Hackney 'Regeneration' meeting disrupted by mayonnaise attack!!

14-11-2001 00:12

This ia what happened when the head of Hackney's regeneration committee, Guy Nicholson tried to convince a meeting of all the grat things that were happening in Clapton

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Georgia 1997

13-11-2001 23:59

Oil, Georgia, greed, big business power politics and the rape of the planet.

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Culture and Life: Flying the flag

13-11-2001 23:46

Imperialist leaders have always "wrapped themselves in the flag" to gain popular support. They have to: their anti-people policies are hardly going to get it for them.

Whether it's George Bush, Tony Blair or John Howard, flag-waving belligerence is their favoured way of distracting people, of providing a cover under which they can continue to attack people's rights and living standards.

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Hollywood presents: "Good American Guys vs Bad Arab Guys" (cartoon by Latuff)

13-11-2001 23:14

Hollywood presents: "Good American Guys vs Bad Arab Guys" (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free image by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Northern Alliance steals a march over the US

13-11-2001 22:21

The Northern Alliance's early arrival in Kabul has thrown up a piquant situation as, with no political arrangement in place, the US may not back any further push by it, says Yana Banerjee-Bey

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A Just Cause, Not a Just War

13-11-2001 17:46

I have tried four times to post this article (to Each time only the summary is posted and URL. Now I just post the URL. Visit my nonprofit website
Exposing the Cancer Racket.

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Features Missing from UK and Seattle IMC

13-11-2001 17:28

The center column contain IMC's feature stories have disappeared from the UK ( and Seattle ( sites.

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100 000 on Sunday????

13-11-2001 16:43

Preparations for Sundays Stop the War demonstration continue let's make it the biggest UK protest in years...

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"America, Join the world Coalition against Climate Change"

13-11-2001 15:53

"America, join the World Coalition against Climate Change"

US obstruction of the Kyoto process, causing more "unnatural disasters", makes the US a "Climate terrorist". March against US Climate Terror, Saturday, December 8th, 11 am from enbassy of drought-stricken Afghanistan (assemble Prince Consort Rd.,) to US embassy.

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A must read

13-11-2001 15:43

A peaceful way to eliminate terrorism
(2 articles)

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Kabul residents fear Northern Alliance

13-11-2001 14:34

Associated Press Report

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‘US missile hits Al Jazeera’

13-11-2001 14:24

Al Jazeera TV said its Kabul office had been put out of action by a US missile.

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UNHCHR warns against track record of some Alliance chiefs

13-11-2001 14:11

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson expressed concerns over cases of looting in Kabul