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Blair gov sell electric shock belts to Israel

05-07-2004 10:33

Yet the Blair government has secretly authorised the sale of vast quantities of arms and terror equipment to Israel. These include leg-irons, electric shock belts and chemical and biological agents. No matter that Israel has defied more United Nations resolutions than any other state since the founding of the world body.”

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Anna Scher-Drama Teacher or Religious Fanatic?

05-07-2004 10:13

Has Anna left her vocation as a drama teacher to join religious sects?

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This is not a subject for comedy

05-07-2004 09:53

ISM volunteer stands up...

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Peace in the Park

05-07-2004 07:44

Banner below the main stage
A report of the second annual Peace in the Park free festival in Endcliffe Park in Sheffield.

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Art of War : American Patriot

05-07-2004 04:11

American Patriot
American Patriot

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Viral hepatitis, a life-threatening immunological disorder

04-07-2004 23:20

Viral hepatitis is a worldwide disabling and fatal disease wich current technic treatment has poor results, select resistant virus and even maintain virus infection and has fatal side effects. Current technic ignores that the core of the problem is the host response before microbe challenge with large amounts of energy waste and not the virus itself alone.

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Independence from America

04-07-2004 21:51

Independence from America declared on July 4th

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Pix of Anti Bush Demos in Ireland last weekend

04-07-2004 17:37

These pictures are from the Anti Bush demos in Ireland last weekend. Apologies for the delay in uploading, there seems to have been a few techie problems recently. There are pix from the Dublin demo on Friday 25th June and from near Dromoland Castle where the EU/US summit was being held and Shannon Airport on Saturday 26th June from where Bush was leaving

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Video of Sainsbury’s Blockade

04-07-2004 17:00

Short exciting video of one of the Sainsbury anti-GM blockades at Coleshill near Birmingham last Thursday night.

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Army Stage-Managed Fall of Hussein Statue

04-07-2004 16:59

This was last year by many laughed at as “US propaganda show”. As usual we where accused of the anti this, anti that, give me proof and it’s only conspiracy theories. Well now the US army is saying what we said last year.
So what other things have been done and are being done to look like it is actions by Iraqis, said by Iraqis and written by Iraqis?

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04-07-2004 15:39

QUOTE: US SENATOR KERRY: ''MY PRO-ISRAEL VOTING RECORD IS SECOND TO NONE." In the policy paper, which has not been released publicly, Kerry outlines clear, strongly worded positions on several issues important to the American Jewish community.

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Right-wing support for international child abductions

04-07-2004 14:39

A way to get rid of ‘half-breed’ children...

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CodePink June 30th Vigil Photos

04-07-2004 13:33

CodePink Vigil June 30th
CodePink UK and friends held a peace vigil on the evening of June 30th at the Edith Cavell statue near Trafalgar Square.

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The Hand over of power - a step towards democracy?

04-07-2004 13:25

The early inauguration of the Interim Iraqi Government (IIG) has been hailed by the occupiers as a step towards a “free democratic, prosperous and sovereign Iraq”. But what does this supposed sovereignty actually mean?

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The spies/terrorists who stole my name

04-07-2004 11:46

Israeli stole the name of a New Zealander to get a passport. The headline in the newspaper is "The spies who stole my name " why not " The Terrorists who stole my name"?

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Gay Pride mocks Jamaican hate singers

04-07-2004 11:29

Activists mock Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man and Buju Banton at London
Gay Pride mocks Jamaican hate singers. Dancehall “Killer Queens” Exposed.
Are Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Bounty Killer secretly gay?
London Mayor Ken Livingstone condemns “homophobic lyrics”

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The Allison Lance Watson Legal Defense

04-07-2004 10:53

...defending a true American who has for years unselfishly defended this land and the animals that share the wilderness and oceans with us. Last October she was called before a Federal Grand Jury in Seattle where she was ordered to provide information on individuals in the animal rights and environmental movement.

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New York New York (by Latuff)

04-07-2004 06:15

Non-comical September 11 comics
Copyright-free comics by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Calling London and all the UK

04-07-2004 04:35

“One of the main reasons behind the change in policy is the acceptance that sending large scale reinforcements to Iraq would be highly unpopular in Britain. The same course in Afghanistan, it is held, can be presented as an overwhelmingly humanitarian mission for a shattered land.”

Can the people of Great Britain not now see the extent to which their rulers will go to hide their role as America’s “imperial lapdog” in Iraq? How many body bags? How many disfigured faces and shattered dreams will it take before this reckless and failed gambit is rejected once and for all? The answer will determine much about the future of the “free world.” jamie

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04-07-2004 02:56

Tractors at Barnstaple
Farmers park three tractors outside Barnstaple store as shoppers label GM milk