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Movie - "The Secret Text of F.T.A.A."(realvideo)

16-04-2001 22:59

The following is the latest motion picture starring Robin Hood & His Merry Band rocking the bloody Futures stock exchange in San Francisco on April 2nd, 2001. Thinly disguised as singing telegram messengers, Robin & Crew - who had recently joined the Fogtown Action Avengers cluster - stormed the trading floor in search of the secret FTAA texts, and successfully staged a banner hang. The police weren't too jolly about this, as you'll find out... Click on the bloody link below to watch(6:21):

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U.S. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

16-04-2001 20:49

To Drill or Not to Drill

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U.S. Navy Sonar Tests: Whales at Risk

16-04-2001 20:48

Environmental groups are urging Congress to hold oversight hearings about the U.S. Navy's
anti-submarine warfare program, including the use of sonar devices.

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Cincinnati. Beanbags = little bags of buckshot. Christine Jones may lose spleen.

16-04-2001 20:29

Cincinnati's Human relations director witnessed unprovoked, police-beanbag, driveby shooting of Timothy Thomas mourners Saturday April 14. Beanbags injured a black male, 50; 2 little girls, ages 7 and 11; and hospitalized a Louisville French teacher, Christine Jones, 34. "Ms. Jones was admitted to Jewish Hospital in Louisville with a fractured rib, bruised lung and spleen from two bean-bag projectiles, a hospital spokesman said Sunday. She was in good condition today. Doctors are closely monitoring the internal bleeding in her spleen; if it continues, her spleen may have to be removed." --April 16 Cincinnati Post.

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16-04-2001 16:42

Fax Bush, email Bush, even slap Bush.
Info, actions, news, links, contact
details of the top 100 US corporations
and more at:

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Fury at pro-GM school magazines

16-04-2001 13:16

MORE than 140,000 glossy brochures sponsored
by the US corporate giants of genetic modification
such as Monsanto are being pushed into Scotland's
schools by Scottish Enterprise, with the
enthusiastic backing of the schools watchdog HM
Inspectorate of Education.

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Mirror article on May Day

16-04-2001 11:56

This is one of the funniest articles I've read so far - keep 'em coming mainstream media whores!

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Mayday Media: Police propaganda in Guardian

16-04-2001 08:34

Spot on analysis from Letters page in today's Guardian - Mon 16th April 2001 - prompted by police/media campaign - and John Vidal's "Fluffies on the run as spikies win battle of the streets - May Day mayhem?" article two days ago(,4273,4170353,00.html)

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Global Environmentalism - Live Broadcast

16-04-2001 07:27

Global Environmentalism - Live Broadcast
On Wednesday 18th April 2001, Friends of the Earth AU will present an evening forum with 3 inspiring international speakers, talking about climate justice, ecological debt, and environmentalism in the countries of the South.

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M25: The Death of Woodstock

16-04-2001 02:52

Our notion of "peace" is for profit only... no hippies allowed.

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Threats stop GM crop in Sussex?

15-04-2001 23:55

GM crop was planned for East Hoathly. Farmer was dissuaded by local pressure, but there are question marks over whether he was intimidated or not. He said he was, but there is evidence that his arm was being twisted by Aventis, the company with the GM interest. Story covered (in less depth) by George Monbiot, Guardian, April 5 2001

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Cincinnati. Beanbag shotgun rounds hospitalize teacher. Mourners shot unprovoked

15-04-2001 23:38

Rogue Nazis can ruin your whole day. Here are some quotes from a Cincinnati Enquirer article. "Christine Jones, 34, a Louisville teacher, is in Jewish Hospital in Louisville with a fractured rib, a bruised lung and a bruised spleen, Tom Pearce said. She spent most of the night at the hospital, he said. ... Photographer Tom Uhlman, who was shooting pictures for Associated Press, said he saw police drive up to Liberty and Elm streets, get out of their cars and, without warning, shoot several rounds at a small, peaceful group away from the main crowd."

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Observer: Mayday activists to surrender to cops

15-04-2001 22:51

May Day activists to surrender to police

Martin Bright, home affairs correspondent
Sunday April 15, 2001
The Observer

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"FTAA in UK? Fighting the Truth about Anal Academics"

15-04-2001 21:22

This FTAA protest business is probably a trap, a pit, and a snare to conceal an evil that lurks behind the scenes of governments throughout the world. Read up on all referenced works to see if it is the same in your "backyard".

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IndyMedia & Reuters on unprovoked shooting of Cincinnati mourners. 'Rogue Nazis'

15-04-2001 18:39

Reuters. Cincinnati Police, FBI Probe 'Unprovoked' Attack. It seems that a British-based (Reuters) press article yet again does a more thorough investigation, analysis and report on an aspect of the Cincinnati unrest. This is why we need INDEPENDENT MEDIA CENTERS in the USA especially. US media often seem like they try to do the minimal possible, and then in addition try to add a rightwing corporate spin to many issues.

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Breakthrough heralds new era of sustainable health and agriculture

15-04-2001 16:52

The latest edition of the peer reviewed scientific journal 'Frontiers in Bioscience' (Vol 6, April 1, 2001) has published two research papers which herald a major breakthrough in the lifesciences, promising to take biotechnology away from the expensive and ineffectual methods of genetic engineering and towards genuinely effective and cost efficient methods of natural medicine and agriculture in a way which is both holistic and non-disruptive in its approach.

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netherlands:save the lives of the 5 kurdish hungerstrikers

15-04-2001 15:31

since the 5th of february 5 kurdish refugees in the netherlands are in hungerstrike. The dutch authorities want to deport 9000 Kurdish refugees to northern Iraq. We got to stop them!!!

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Ostend Airport as a pivot of international arms' trade

15-04-2001 13:50

This story tries to highlight and explain the involvement of Ostend Airport in arms' running to conflict-torn and UN-embargoed countries. It mentions by name a number of Ostend-based companies, organizing their evil activities from Ostend Airport. The story is published on website and signed "Association for a Clean Ostend.

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Cincinnati Cops Contacts

15-04-2001 10:54

Contact the cops in Cincinnati and let them know what you think. See Indymedia Ohio Valley for more info.

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Police protect NF march in Bermondsey

14-04-2001 22:27

A massive police presence allowed about 20 National Front supporters to march in Bermondsey, South-East London today.