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Menwith Hill update 18:00

22-03-2003 22:16

Shock and awe, I reckon, at seeing the response to this war. Probably 2,000ish people here, most of them covered with tin foil. Many different things were happening at different points around the base.

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Stockholm update Sat 5pm

22-03-2003 22:09

80000 on the streets in Stockholm. Phone-in from swedish indy-uk volunteer.

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edinburgh detentions

22-03-2003 21:49

thousands on edinburgh streets...5 arrested not out till monday...500 outside police station..

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Real News from the front line

22-03-2003 21:43

Massive resistance in Basra, troops under fire big time

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Police opression and intimidation in Manchester

22-03-2003 21:22

After the Manchester rally, the police penned in about 30 protesters in Bridgewater Street. They also intimidated and used heavy handed tactics against thoses trying to support them.

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mp3 audio reports from around the UK and Scotland

22-03-2003 21:20

13 mp3 audio interviews with demonstrators all over the UK. 32 kbits/sec

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MTV's War Mode

22-03-2003 21:19

MTV have decided to ban a list of videos because they may offend the public in this war time. Mark Sunderland, "Broadcasting Standards Manager" at MTV Europe, wrote a letter to MTV's staff concerning which songs would not be allowed to be broadcast after the beginning of the war.

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Raising awareness for Palestine (picture)

22-03-2003 21:02

I loved this - wonderfully imaginative. The Palestinian flag suspended from a kite flying high over the heads of everyone @ the anti-war rally in Hyde Park London.

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Menwith Hill Foil the Base

22-03-2003 20:57

Menwith Hill Foil the Base
Foil the base demonstration at Menwith Hill on 22nd March 2003

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Stockholm anti war demo

22-03-2003 20:50

Stockholm anti war demo
60.000 people gathered at anti war demo in Sotckholm today. (article 1)

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Menwith Hill

22-03-2003 20:46

Menwith Hill
Foil the Base action at Menwith Hill, 22nd March 2003.

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Global calls for US/UK multinational boycotts

22-03-2003 20:44

Global calls for US/UK multinational boycotts
many political analysts believe that the tactic of the boycott, if embraced by the peace movement as a whole, is the only form of non-violent direct action that could potentially stop or mitigate US attacks on Iraq.

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Open letter to BBC News

22-03-2003 20:17

Open email to the BBC News team after their "coverage" of today's anti-war rally.

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22-03-2003 20:14

27th March 9.30pm

'Drowned Out'
Directed by Franny Armstrong
UK 2002 75 minutes

"This is the heart of politics, this is the story of modern
India" - Arundhati Roy

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Oxford Street sit-down blockade just now

22-03-2003 20:11

Report on action in Oxford Street, London immediately following the StWC Hyde Park march.

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Anti-war protest on Oxford Street

22-03-2003 20:09

Reports from a spontaneous protest on Oxford street.

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urgent...TSG surround peace protesters

22-03-2003 20:07

txt file

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section 60 at hyde park

22-03-2003 20:05

protesters on the makk near hyde park report a section 60 has been slapped on the zone.

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London Stop the War March - Pictures

22-03-2003 20:01

Today we joined approx 500,000+ people marching through London in protest. See the pictures at

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Thursdays timeline of events

22-03-2003 19:59

Thursdays timeline - UK - to be updated