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Stockholm update Sat 5pm

imc london | 22.03.2003 22:09

80000 on the streets in Stockholm. Phone-in from swedish indy-uk volunteer.

A march of about 60000 started at 2 pm in Stockholm. Students and teachers have been on strike for the last days. On Friday, March 21, 10000 of them demonstrated against the war. The police went in very heavy. Other than yesterday’s demo, todays started very calm and peaceful. Lots of old people, trade unions, muslim groups, students.
At 4pm, 80000 were on the streets, and the atmosphere went very tense. Part of the demo moved to the US Embassy, although this was against police orders. There were clashes between riot police and mounted police on one side, syndicalists, samba and an anarchist block on the other. The police have prepared busses for mass arrests.
One hour later, part of demo went to the Israeli embassy. Others escaped the police lines, now they sit down, blocking a road in the middle of Stockholm center. A lot of riot police is around.

imc london