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Anti-abortion organisation in High Street

27-03-2007 10:48

A crissie-front organisation posing as a pregnancy counselling service has premises in Oxford High Street and advertises on Fox FM as offering unbiased counselling.

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Compulsory Medical Admission Exam a Disaster

27-03-2007 10:10

I will try to bring to light some of the problems faced by medical applicants today. Apart from being expected to obatin amazing grades, we have to pay hundresds of pounds to do an IQ test that will decide our future.

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Spanish Judge calls for architects of Iraq invasion to be tried for war crimes

27-03-2007 07:06

Baltasar Garzón, the Spanish judge who sought to prosecute Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet, has called for US President George W. Bush and his allies to be tried for war crimes over Iraq.

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The Fruit of the Imperialism (high-resolution version) by Latuff

27-03-2007 06:35

The Fruit of the Imperialism
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Russian Intelligence leaks date for massive US attack on Iran? 6th April.

27-03-2007 03:38

Operation Bite, it's going to be called. I always wonder how they live with these names - operation hammer, operation explosion - but apparently the logical dislocation from reality works just fine. Hundreds of Iranians are going to die and an entire population will be brought to its knees, in the dust, starving, as their country is dismembered. I don't know how far to trust this information but hopefully a Russian speaker can investigate further.

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Announcing IMC-UK-PHOTO

27-03-2007 00:26

imc uk photo banner large
A new indymedia mailing list has been created to help facilitate communication and collaboration between photographers working on environmental and social justice reporting. If you regularly go out to document protests etc with a camera, please join this list.

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UNSC Role Change

26-03-2007 23:04

As I watched Iran being hauled in front of the United Nations ‘Security’ Council, a vivid picture conjured up in my mind – my native country Iran, a vulnerable and defenseless beauty being prepared for violation by brutal savages. As she struggles to defend her honor, no one is prepared to come to her aid, save a few. Even her own children, those raised on her soil hope she will be brutally violated. With lust-filled eyes, they hope to fulfill their ambitions on her ravaged ruins, her broken pride.

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Manchester No2ID @ Oxford Road Station, Thursday 29th March 5:30pm-6:30pm

26-03-2007 22:56

Manchester No2ID Logo
Manchester No2ID will be holding a Fortnightly Flyering event at Manchester's Oxford Road Station on Thursday 29th March at 5:30pm. These events raise awareness of the anti-ID Card cause among the public, as well as generating attention in the press and elsewhere.

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Binning ID Cards - Liverpool joins in national day of action against ID Cards

26-03-2007 18:12

Binning the ID card
A giant mock ID card in a bin proved to be an eye-catching symbol to draw the attention of lunchtime shoppers in Liverpool city centre this afternoon. The Liverpool Defy ID group handed out leaflets and talked to passers-by about the government's ID card plans, as part of a national day of action, called to coincide with the opening of the first of the new passport interview (interrogation) centres that mark the next step towards ID card Britain.

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The Coming War With Iran

26-03-2007 16:49

Why are people not massing in the streets, as they were before the illegal invasion of Iraq? We know the plans are the same. is the Antiwar Movement in denial about what's been plotted, or deflated by the willingness of Fascists to ignore the Popular Will?

People must see the Opposition.

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Gardens under threat

26-03-2007 16:43

suburban garden turned into a building site
Gardens are under threat from greedy developers.

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Seed saving

26-03-2007 16:35

dwarf French beans from Slovakia
Seed saving is something we can all do to help safeguard our genetic heritage.

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Fortnightly collection of rubbish an unmitigated disaster

26-03-2007 16:19

Across the country, fortnightly collection of rubbish has proved to be an unmitigated disaster.

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A Stunning Contrast...

26-03-2007 15:48

Free the Cuban Five!
Anyone following the news in recent times cannot be unaware of the wave of progressive change sweeping Latin America and the Caribbean...

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M1 Activists Go Down To The Yard

26-03-2007 15:38

Up Close And Personal
Local residents concerned at plans to increase congestion and pollution on the M1 have paid a visit to one of the Climate Criminal Organisations involved. They stop work at the site near Mansfield for a morning and then pop home for a late breakfast.

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New 'Writing To Prisoners' Leaflet

26-03-2007 13:29

Leeds ABC have produced a new 'Writing To Prisoners' laflet. Basic text follows, and it can also be downloaded as a PDF, or a hard copy can be obtained by sending an SAE to Leeds ABC at the address below.

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26-03-2007 12:40

31st of March 1st of April -Cowley Club- bighton
(12 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JA)

more infos
It is not to late to let us know you are coming!

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Anti-racist protest/stall - Saturday 31 March 2007, 12-3pm

26-03-2007 11:50

As the racist Labour governments' attacks on immigrants and especially asylum seekers intensifies (ESOL, snatch squads, charter flights, etc), anti-racist activists from NWASDG and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! will be holding anti-deportation stalls/protest on Saturday 31 March from 12pm-3pm on Market Street in Manchester city centre. You are invited to attend and take an active part. Actions speak louder than words. Say no to the racist Labour government's policies of starvation, isolation, detention and deportation of asylum seekers and refugees, where it matters: on the streets.

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Close Down Dallas Court Reporting Centre! 26 March 2007, 12pm.

26-03-2007 11:46

At 12pm, on Monday 26 March 2007, the North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group (NWASDG) are holding a protest at Dallas Court 'Reporting' Centre in Salford Quays, Manchester, calling for an end to the daily kidnappings of asylum seekers at Dallas Court and for this place of fear to be closed down. In the last 10 months, there have been eight people, that we know of, who have been kidnapped at Dallas Court after going to 'report' and not seen again until they were in a detention centre or deported. This does not include a Congolese lady called Rosetta, who was detained there on 13 March. NWASDG have been mounting protests at Dallas Court since May 2006, and in the last month groups of asylum seekers from Iraq, Libya, DRCongo and Zimbabwe have demonstrated at this place, indicating the growing anger of refugees towards the British Labour government's racist policy of forcing immigrants including families, pregnant women and children, to comply with a repressive sysyem, and then use it as an opportunity to quietly deport them.

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Greetings from Bonny Scotland from F365 :)

26-03-2007 11:43

Update from the intrepid Oxfordshire (and environs) blockaders!