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Cambrian Snooze Out Now!

29-09-2007 10:59

West Wales' very own alternative newspaper, the Cambrian Snooze, is out now.

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Stand with the Burmese protesters

29-09-2007 10:34

Petition highlighting the oppression in Burma

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International day of solidarity with Jose and Gabriel

29-09-2007 08:51

Graffitti on Aachen Way in Halifax (twin town of Aachen)
Today, September 29th, is International Day of Solidarity with Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Jose Fernandez Delgado

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March4Burma TMRW

29-09-2007 08:02

Monks and People against Imperialism

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WMPSCPublic meeting:On experience of Palestinians living within Isreali borders

29-09-2007 07:49



Venue : Cafe One, Five Ways Shopping Centre, Broad Street, Birmingham.

The talk will start at 5.00 p.m. , followed by a discussion. Light refreshments will be served at 6.30 p.m.

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Authorities Ban Anti-War March

29-09-2007 05:40

On Monday 8 October the Stop the War Coalition will be marching fromTrafalgar Square to Parliament calling for all troops to be brought home immediately. The police have now said that all demonstrations are bannedwithin a mile of Parliament whilst in session. This is a new development and threatens our democratic rights.

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French anarchists' response to riots of 2005

29-09-2007 04:45

Never before translated denunciation of the way the French "Anarchist Federation" responded to the riots of November 2005.

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IRAQ: Video - Voice to the voiceless: Iraqis under imperial terror

29-09-2007 01:59

Alive in Baghdad was formed to counter the sound-bite driven, “Live From” news model. Through the work of a team of Americans and Iraqi correspondents on the ground, Alive in Baghdad shows the occupation through the voices of Iraqis. Alive in Baghdad brings testimonies from individual Iraqis, footage of daily life in Iraq, and short news segments from Iraq to you.

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Night Drift Through Kings Cross @ Housman's this Saturday

28-09-2007 23:11

Camden squatlands, headcases on psychoactive drifts, abandoned boozers, Nazi occultists, Rimbaud and Verlaine as proto flaneurs,Soane tomb transgressions, construction site labyrinths, subterranean rivers, Scala treble bills, Ballardian psychtropic nightmares……….

On Saturday 29th of September 7pm ,LAURA OLDFIELD FORD of SAVAGE MESSIAH ZINE . …………. .. ……. .. …

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Burma is Free! It has to be

28-09-2007 22:37

As you may know, the Junta have now cut internet links out of Burma so there is a near news blackout. Information is still getting out via mobile phone signals near the borders.

The latest news is reported here:

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Sheffield ethnic Karen (Burma) demo 01/10/07

28-09-2007 21:24

Sheffield Burma demo - Mon 1st Oct, 4:30pm Town Hall / Peace Gardens.

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Housmans Bookfair Weekender

28-09-2007 20:54

Details of pre bookfair and post bookfair events at Housmans during a long weekend of literature related anarchist activities. Including, the launch on Friday evening of an independent new magazine, "MAYDAY", which aims to help the movement forward towards new glories. Important and well known anarchist figures from the movements recent past, contribute articles and will be in attendance. Bring a bottle and celebrate champagne anarchism:)

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Children imprisoned appeal to Abbas

28-09-2007 20:45

The Israeli army arrested hundreds of under-age detainees since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada which erupted late September 2000.

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Protest at Burmese Embassy.

28-09-2007 19:31

Some pictures from yesterdays lunchtime demo. Mostly Burmese dissidents, many of them survivors of the last massacre 19 years ago.

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Dear Sir Richard Branson

28-09-2007 19:22

N.B. I also need to clarify, in open court, as to whether bollocks may be uttered in connection with the word Brown as I am not terribly fond of his idea of dealing with pension and education funding and thievery. Justice must be seen to be done.

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UK-US Military Alliance Creates Fascist UK-Faslane

28-09-2007 18:49

Who can deny it 'go l**ney, go p*ki, go n*gger, go p**ftah as well as sch*z, go y*ppee and lesser verbal intimidation is heard every day in the UK moreso then most other places in western europe. This is the most common that I have known such verbal abuse since being born in 1961. Who can block now at Faslane?

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NUJ strike ballot in Coventry following unanimous vote

28-09-2007 18:40

The NUJ chapel at the Coventry Telegraph are balloting for strike action in a stand against inadequate editorial staffing levels.

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Arrest of Maya Evans and Fr Martin Newell at Labour Party Conference

28-09-2007 17:38

Maya Evans and Father Martin were arrested outside the Labour Party Conference in 2007 for daring to express the views held by 75% of the British people against the illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

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This Week In Palestine – Week 39 2007

28-09-2007 16:47

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for September 22 sec. through September 28th, 2007.

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Short film released to explain the concept of Freeconomy – Episode 1

28-09-2007 16:07

Check out this really funny new short film which has been released about The Freeconomy Community, the new skill-sharing, free help website that has just been launched. It’s called the ‘Guide to Freeconomy – Episode 1’ and is essential viewing for all non-freeconomists. You can view it at . And remember, the yellow pages is just a load of old tosh!