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06-12-2001 10:11

27 APRIL to 1 MAY 2002 in PARIS

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Gunmen cut off noses and ears of six Afghans to punish them for shaving

06-12-2001 08:59

Gunmen cut off noses and ears of six Afghans to punish them for shaving beards

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Hope for concessions in Anti-Terror Laws

06-12-2001 08:17

A victory for civil society on the EU definition of terrorism?

from Statewatch 5th Dec 2001

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Why are Libraries in Hackney closed on Saturdays?

06-12-2001 01:38

Support striking Library Workers.
The vast majority of Hackney Library Workers, members of UNISON, will be on official strike each Saturday until further notice.

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Palestinian Child Detainee Faces Death in Telmond Prison

06-12-2001 00:28

Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights has warned that 15 year-old Ahmad Hijazi suffers from a life-threatening health condition in the Israeli prison of Telmond. Ahmad was detained on October 1st and has suffered poor health ever since.

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You guys are an inspiration!

05-12-2001 23:52

American activists are inspired by your movent- is there any advice you can give us?

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Unintended Victims Fill Afghan Hospital

05-12-2001 23:00

The intensive care unit of the Jalalabad Public Hospital was full yesterday with children and mothers from the Agam region. It was oddly quiet. They were victims of an American bombing, and they bore the look of disbelief on their blood-speckled faces.

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Report of Guildford Anti-GAP Action

05-12-2001 22:31

On Saturday 1st December (World Anti-GAP Day) 11 activists from Surrey Activist Group (SAG) protested against GAP and Starbucks.

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support palestine picket Israeli embassy

05-12-2001 22:18

The near assassination of Yasser Arafat has further fuelled the crises in the Middle East. With overt US backing, the Israelis have unleashed a massive onslaught on the Palestinians. Attached is a pdf
leaflet to build for Saturday's picket of the Israeli embassy, 1pm, Kensington High Street.

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Talking about d CL(A)SS W(A)R

05-12-2001 22:09

(A)nok 4 U2

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FUCK PEACE! (cartoon by Latuff)

05-12-2001 22:02

FUCK PEACE! (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free cartoon by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff

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US conservatives campaign for Iraq bombing

05-12-2001 19:59

During a recent Washington, DC, conference called "Winning the War Against Terrorism - Next Steps," some top conservative political leaders advocated an attempt to topple Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The calls for an expansion of the campaign against terrorism, however, provoked divisions between American and European participants. By Ariel Cohen.

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Electronic Action Against Anti-Terror Laws: NOW ON!

05-12-2001 18:22

The Anti-TWAT (The War Against Terrorism) Action Briefing
December 2001: electrohippies
To go straight to the Home Office protest sit-in page, click here register with the Home Office first if you haven't already! — see text below for details)

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Bush: an already deadly legacy

05-12-2001 17:55

Summarizes the Bush record, pre and post Sept. 11

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In a War on Terrorism, Who are the Terrorists

05-12-2001 17:39

This report is based on an email from An-Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine (West Bank), received before recent terrible events. The sentiments and proposed solution is theirs. They live in the midst of terror. They deserve to be heard.

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Pictures American war planes in neutral Ireland !!!!

05-12-2001 15:39

Pictures American war planes in neutral Ireland !!!!
Pictures of American war Planes refuling at Irelands Shannon Airport.
Ireland joins the so called "War on Terror" despite being a neutral country. This is viewed as being against the Irish constitution and may go to court. A national demo has been called for in Shannon the weekend after next * Sat 15th *

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Audio Anti War speaches at Shannon Ireland

05-12-2001 15:31

Audio 1 min 5 sec windows media player
Ireland is allowing US warplanes facilities at Shannon, and in doing is is participating in tehso-called 'War on Terror". This action is illegal without a Parliamentary vote
there will be a national demo in shannon the weekend after next with busses leaving dublin and other Irish citys.
Ireland is now neutral in only but name.

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Video Ireland at war American planes at shannon

05-12-2001 15:23

Video 1 min 5 sec Windows Mediaplayer
American war planes at shannon.
Ireland is allowing US warplanes facilities at Shannon, and in doing is is participating in tehso-called 'War on Terror". This action is illegal without a Parliamentary vote. Any Irish citizen can challenge this in the irish Courts. . Send bread not bombs. We dont want to be a gateway for Bushes war. See text postings

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UK MPs want Embargo on Uganda

05-12-2001 13:50

At last "UK MPs" have seen sense and come up with a cry.. "embargo" should we take their cry serious or should we call it a Whitehall Relation Program to sweeten Activists.

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The real leaders in belgium

05-12-2001 13:24

Who are the real leaders in belgium, who deliverd the uranium for the first A-bomb?