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Mother`s Day Street Theatre in Birmingham

22-03-2008 21:20

On Saturday 1st March, the day before Mother`s Day, 12 members/supporters of Midlands Vegan Campaigns staged some hilarious, jaw-dropping street theatre and leafletting in Birmingham City Centre. We grabbed the attention of thousands of people, before revealing the shocking cruelty that mother animals in the farming industry are subjected to. The event formed part of the Viva! Day of Action.

Watch our movie about the event

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HLS Activists Charged - Please Support!

22-03-2008 20:14

17 activists, many or all of whom had their houses ransacked by the police, have now been charged with conspiracy to blackmail Huntingdon Life Sciences. They are all now facing the courts in what will be several of the most important and biggest trials the animal rights movement has ever seen.

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M3 Motorway destroys Rath Lugh Ancient Monument

22-03-2008 19:12

The battle to save Rath Lugh continues against all odds, the past week as seen SIAC construction company erect huge metal spiked fencing along the route, whilst they continue to bulldose the esker of the Ancient Monument within the so called "protection zone".
Here is a short video that shows some of the activities going on since the NRA drew back on the ten point signed agreement with a tunnel protester.

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Fire at taxidermy, mink freed & butchers sabotaged

22-03-2008 17:58

20-22nd March


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Showing solidarity with Tibet in peaceful protest through London

22-03-2008 17:24

An account of the march through central London today, to show solidarity with the Tibetans in the wake of the last weeks crackdown in Lhasa and beyond by the Chinese.

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Camden Town to Colombia + The most controversial campaign ever?

22-03-2008 16:36

This has to be the most outrageous and controversial camapign EVER.....From Camden Town to Colombia people are joining the campaign to stop the controversial lab beibg built on a Camden Town housing estate...{ favela scheme / / project etc } Everyone from vicars, football hooligans, bouncers, Colombian ALF, boxers, dancers, writers, musicians.. are joining the campaign...

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A message for Polly Toynbee: The UK owes Africa

22-03-2008 15:42

A message for Polly Toynbee: The UK owes Africa, not only but particularly when it comes to HEALTH CARE.

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Save Leicester Adult Education College

22-03-2008 15:40

IWW workers at LAEC, launch campaign to save jobs, stop privatisation and prevent the destruction of the college.


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Victories are within sight for communities that host U.S. foreign military bases

22-03-2008 13:40

Victories are within sight for people in a growing number of nations where communities that host U.S. foreign military bases have long fought to get rid of them.

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Reflections on the Groene Voltage, Rotterdam

22-03-2008 09:28

gv october06, just squatted
In this short article, one member of the nonhierarchical collective which ran the centre would like to address some issues raised by the project. As such it can only be read as one person's viewpoint. It is likely that other people from the collective would see things differently. In some ways we achieved a lot, in others we got caught in the traps common to all such DiY projects. I will describe what we did, discuss the collective, mention what we achieved and assess what we did not. Hopefully others can be inspired by our successes and learn from our failures.

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US financial crisis fuels social unrest in UAE and Egypt

22-03-2008 08:29

The global financial crisis that has its origins in US credit markets is heightening social tensions around the world. This week, social unrest exploded to the surface in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where as many as 1,500 workers staged protests against inflation and unpaid wages.

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Air strikes in Gaza

22-03-2008 08:00

A slightly delayed report form the Circus...

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Bush, McCain “gaffes” on Iran echo Iraq war lies

22-03-2008 07:31

Within the past week, both US President George W. Bush and the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for the 2008 presidential election, Senator John McCain, have made widely broadcast statements about Iran that are as demonstratively false as they are provocative.

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Latuff's Iraq War cartoons available for download NOW!

22-03-2008 01:30

Download for free a zip file containing 252 high-resolution artworks (cartoons, photomontages, comics) produced by me on the eve of the Iraq War in 2002, until March 20th, 2008. All the artworks can be freely reproduced, without my formal permission.

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Tibet Hunger Striker Speaks Out

22-03-2008 00:59

Over the past week several Tibet supporters, many of whom were students have held a vigil and series of 24 hour hunger strikes opposite the Chinese Embassy in London. One of the hunger strikers, Terry Bettger, has spoken of the purpose of the action and the importance of a sustained protest against the Chinese crackdown on those protesting inside Tibet.

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RAMpart2 is dead - long live rampART1

22-03-2008 00:01

Following the granting of an Interim Possession Order on Thursday the 20th March, RAMpart2 was left empty by squatters after a final party...

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Escada Annual Report includes fur risk & Swiss Victory

21-03-2008 23:02

Alongside the various general risks such as international crises, "anti-fur" protestors are also mentioned. A "sector-specific risk", according to the company management, "are the attempts by anti-fur activists to disrupt operational processes".

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NRA contractors cut into Rath Lugh Monument near Tara

21-03-2008 22:08

The mound upon which ancient Rath Lugh rests is now being sliced for the M3 Motorway.

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Asking Wallace Art Collection not to whitewash Totalitarian Oil

21-03-2008 20:35

Wallace Collection
Four activists held a demonstration outside the Wallace Collection art gallery at Hertford House, Manchester Square, London on Wednesday 19th March. The Art Gallery is currently considering a sponsorship deal with Total so the activists were asking them not to accept sponsorship from the largest western sponsor of the brutal Burma junta. A boycott is not yet called for as it is hoped the gallery will do the right thing and not become associated by Total with oppression in Burma.

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Showstoppers! Police Axe Anti-War Film

21-03-2008 20:24

Yet another below the belt blow to civil liberties was struck by the Sussex Plod this Monday. The long-awaited world premier of SchMOVIES ‘On The Verge’- the cinematic debut of the Smash Edo campaign - was cancelled after police intervention. In the days that followed, across the country venues due to show the film on the forthcoming tour have received visits from the police and licensing authorities keen to stop screenings.