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Sheffield Peace in the Park 2008

14-06-2008 21:05

Some photos from the 6th Peace in the Park which was held on 14th June 2008 at the Ponderosa Park in Upperthorpe.

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"Slavic Tigers" aborted with help of "Irish Anarchists"

14-06-2008 20:05

Yesterday Irish citizens resident in Ireland were invited to vote in a referendum on the "Treaty of Lisbon". They constitute less than 1% of the total population of the EU. Its democracy is unique in that only resident citizens are allowed vote. Though being an Irish citizen as a continental European worker, I could not vote. Notwithstanding as an anarchist I wouldn't have voted anyway. Ireland is rated as being one of the richest states in the EU according to those statistics of the dreary science economics and most people including themselves attribute such prosperity to their membership of the EEC, then EC and finally EU. They even invented a name for this great wealth which oddly enough accompanied the highest income disparity and social inequality in the developed world. They called it "the Celtic Tiger".

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Repressions against anarchists in Bryansk.

14-06-2008 19:08

It's more than a half year since pressing of Russian special services

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London Naked Cycle Ride...14 june 08

14-06-2008 18:59

Naked Cyclists stage protest in London

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Solidarity with Campsfield detainees

14-06-2008 17:15

Comrades and friends of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! solidarity with Campsfield detainees

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Bristol Anarchist Bookfair goes live

14-06-2008 17:11

The recently formed Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective is delighted to announce the date and location for 2008:
St Werburghs Centre, Horley Rd, Bristol BS2 9TJ
Saturday 13 September, from 10am to 5pm
All welcome – free entry
Get involved – stalls, meetings, ideas

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Oxford Professor Resigned Over Vivisection

14-06-2008 16:39

As laboratory vivisectors around the world are being picketed at their homes,
it is good to remember that Ruskin resigned from Oxford over vivisection
and that Wagner recommended frightening vivisectors.

Queen Victoria, Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Dickens, Tennyson,
Browning, Ruskin, Voltaire

on opposing vivisection

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Fire at Campsfield

14-06-2008 15:30

Sorry to have just pulled this off the BBC website but it looks like something is going on at Campsfield and this is all I can see about it.

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Riot at Campsfield IRC

14-06-2008 15:30

Breaking news: detainees revolt again!

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London Indymedia Offline & InfoUsurpa

14-06-2008 15:14

June 16th-29th edition now available.

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some photos taken during manifestation against G.BUSH last night 13 june 2008

14-06-2008 14:16

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

at the link below you have some photos taken during the manifestation against G.BUSH last night the 13 june 2008

Yours John

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BBC's Pro-Israeli Bias

14-06-2008 13:43

media propaganda by BBC

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Western Animal Rights Network [WARN] Relaunch!

14-06-2008 12:46

After the conviction and imprisonment of Sean Kirtley for publishing information online that was already available in the public domain the Western Animal Rights Network have re-launched a new anonymous, non hierarchical version of the website and support network.

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No Borders! Benefit Gig TONIGHT!

14-06-2008 12:25

Don't forget...

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Letter from Paola Gori in prison, Italian Eco-Anarchist

14-06-2008 09:48

"On the 29th of May 2008 the Italian police raided a number of houses whose occupants are connected to the eco-anarchist group 'Il Silvestre'. The charge against those raided this time is "subversive conspiracy". It is alleged that Il Silvestre activists robbed a post office to help fund their alleged direct action activities and publish their literature. As a result of these latest raids Paola has been remanded into custody.

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Black Mesa : Urgent Action! - Elders home & sacred Homelands face destruction.

14-06-2008 08:26

Big Mountain, Black Mesa Elder Faces Threat of her Ceremonial Lodge/Home being dismantled while Peabody Coal Company is pushing their massive coal-mining expansion plans on the sacred ancestral homelands of the Dine' (Navajo) & Hopi peoples of Black Mesa, Arizona..

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LGBT Youth Give Homophobia Its Marching Orders!

14-06-2008 08:12

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans Youth Community, have challenged all uniformed youth services to take part in this years London Pride! Research shows that LGBT young people are more likely to go to a pub or club despite being underage than go to a youth group or activity due to homophobia.

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Is this why the west is attacking Mugabe: New Zimbabwe law: white-owned business

14-06-2008 05:20

HARARE, Zimbabwe - President Robert Mugabe has signed a new law requiring
foreign-and white-owned businesses in Zimbabwe to hand over 51 per cent control
of their operations to blacks.

The new law is part of Mugabe's election campaign strategy of what he calls
"economic empowerment."

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Zimbabwe: Politics and Food Aid

14-06-2008 04:26

There is no evidence that the government of Zimbabwe is using food "as a political tool to intimidate voters ahead of an election" or that it is deliberately denying "hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Zimbabweans" food aid, as Human Rights Watch and The New York Times allege.

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IDF Furious After Settlers Fake Kidnapping

14-06-2008 03:46

The point of this episode, of course, was to draw attention away from the film showing a settler-Extremist attack on elderly Palestinian farmers, and provoke the war on Gaza these Extremists think the Israeli Govenrment have abandoned.