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Riot at Campsfield IRC

one-of-no-borders | 14.06.2008 15:30 | Anti-racism | Migration | Oxford

Breaking news: detainees revolt again!

I spoke to a detainee shortly before 4pm, he was saying things kicked off at lunchtime, people were angry because detained for a long time and so on, so they began messing up the dining hall, smashing windows, lighing fires. The library/ education was badly damaged by fire. Around 30 detainees claimbed the roof. Others were jumping down walls in panick. Firefighters were called. Policeare now in the centre but 'on the other side'. Helicopters are circling. The detainees are still locked out in the courtyard.

If anyone has more updates please post here of post the National Coalition,



Photos of the last 'disturbances'

14.06.2008 17:42

Photos from June 2006 and August 2007:

See also, Campaign to Close Campsfield:

All detention centres must be closed.

Another of No Borders