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Western Animal Rights Network [WARN] Relaunch!

WARN | 14.06.2008 12:46 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Globalisation | Repression

After the conviction and imprisonment of Sean Kirtley for publishing information online that was already available in the public domain the Western Animal Rights Network have re-launched a new anonymous, non hierarchical version of the website and support network.

In a time when our fellow campaigners are being incarcerated for no more than maintaining a legally sound website that criticises animal exploitation we have decided that we must re-structure the Western Animal Rights Network.

The website will now be updated by anonymous members of groups within the network from multiple locations around the country.

The website address has now been scrapped and the group will not be accepting donations or money on-line but will be focusing on grass roots fund-raising on our stalls and at animal rights / vegan / green events.

Our new website address is

and our new email is warn[at]

Please update your records and RSS feeds :)

If you are interested in helping out with the network please email us!



- e-mail: warn [at]
- Homepage:


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