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London Naked Cycle Ride...14 june 08

Luke B | 14.06.2008 18:59 | Culture | Other Press | Social Struggles | London

Naked Cyclists stage protest in London

Naked cycle ride London 14th june 08.
Great weather and great turnout for the 5th naked cycle ride
through the streets of central london.

The riders met up at the bottom (no pun intended) of Hyde Park.
Was a very friendly and festive event with a good mixed age
turnout many of the cyclists decorated their body's with various
protest messeges against car and oil dependency.

The aim of the ride:
* Protest against the global dependency on oil
* Curb car culture
* Obtain real rights for cyclists
* Demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets
* Celebrate body freedom

After a great send off they dissapeared into Park Lane.

Luke B

Luke B
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