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Farnborough Lib Dems back town centre destruction

19-01-2006 15:58

In his recent crass comments on Farnborough town centre, Craig Card, leader of the Farnborough Lib Dem faction in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, has demonstrated why the Farnborough Lib Dems are seen locally as a laughing stock.

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rampART last minute reprieve as Greenpeace activists save the day

19-01-2006 15:49

Today the rampART social centre was saved from the almost certain prospect of having to post a blatant shameless plug for tonights free cinema screening onto the indymedia newswire without any hope of the article being promoted. However, last minute reprieve was offered this morning by actions in the UK by Greenpeace against Walmart...

p.s. Walmart - 'the high cost of low cost' screens tonight at 8pm

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Greanpeace drop dead

19-01-2006 15:31

The anti-whaling wars moved to europe today...

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Prepare to oppose a nuclear attack on Iran!

19-01-2006 15:25

The eerie silence over the Iran crisis is I think portentous and suggestive of danger for us all.

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US Plans "Disarming Strikes"

19-01-2006 14:22

An invasion, conquest and settlement as in the case of Iraq are not included in the catalogue of options.. Too many Iranians, too many mountains, too many potential guerilla fighters and too many possible entanglements outside Iran, says Kenneth M. Pollack.

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Cannabis Three face jail for helping MS sufferers

19-01-2006 14:16

The adage that a good deed never goes unpunished may well have been written for Mark Gibson, Lezley Gibson and Marcus Davies. These are the people behind THC4MS, an organisation whose sole purpose is to provide Multiple Sclerosis sufferers with a life-altering cannabis medication. A crime for which they due to stand trial at Carlisle Crown Court on the 1st February 2006.

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Simon Jones Campaign Sat21stJan - Clambake, Winterlong, Freedom Sound

19-01-2006 14:13

Saturday 21st January (8.30start £3in) @the Maze/Forest Tavern, Mansfield Rd , Nottingham. Benefit for Simon Jones Memorialcampaign

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The lie that goes by the name "democracy"

19-01-2006 13:58

My long, rambling and belated thoughts on what so many public figures claim to be fighting for...

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Urgent appeal from Homeless activists in Osaka, Japan

19-01-2006 12:03

Immediate Email / Fax / Letter protests needed to prevent violent eviction and detention of Homeless people in Osaka! The average age of those affected is 55! Please make an effort to address your concerns to the Japanese authorities, any international pressure means a lot to the unemployed dispossessed of Osaka!

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Is settlement trade "lawful activity" ?

19-01-2006 09:16

don't buy dem fruits
Defendants in UK criminal court case to be joined by Israeli academic Uri
Davis in the call for an economic boycott of apartheid Israel.

Seven Palestine solidarity protesters from London and Brighton were
arrested on 11th November 2004 after they took part in a non-violent
blockade outside the UK base of an Israeli agricultural export company
Agrexco (UK) Ltd, Swallowfield Way, Hayes, Middlesex.

Agrexco is Israel’s largest importer of agricultural produce into the
European Union, and it is 50% Israeli state owned. It imports produce from
illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The protestors will face trial at Uxbridge Magistrates Court, between the
23rd-31st January 2006. They are each charged with two offences
under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. Section 68:
(Aggravated Trespass) and Section 69: (Failure To Leave Land). The defence
team will be advised by Palestinian QC Michel Abdel Massih of Tooks

The protesters will argue as a defence that they were acting to prevent
crimes against international law, that are also offences in the UK under
the International Criminal Court Act. The defendants will argue that these
offences are being supported by Agrexco (UK) .

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19-01-2006 07:16

CIA Air Org Chart
In compiling this list of ëAlleged CIA Aircraft Flying into Scotlandí, it is clear that much detail is still to emerge about the subject. What is beyond dispute is that in recent years there have been scores of flights through Scottish airports by planes operated on behalf of CIA front companies.

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Ask me about my hunger strike.

19-01-2006 04:41

So first off, I am hungy.

Secondly, let me explain why all this is here.

We are talking about the future, now mind you I know that there are people out there who would say "well the future is unknown so why bother?". So I must say at first that we are talking about projected futures, based on current information.

We, Me, I, the 20 something generation are in a delicate position. We can offer our children avenues down which to travel that lead to a bright and sustainable future. Or we can offer them the dust pan and broom and ask that they clean up our mess.

The choice is up to you.

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19-01-2006 03:03
Want to stop this from happening? Take Action!

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Have you heard the one about the Labour polititian, the Tory and the Irish Man?

19-01-2006 03:00

Yes, party politics was injected with new humor yesterday as the David Cameron revealed his new stand up comedy act in which he presents the Tories as the champions of social justice and true guardians of the poor...


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Imperialism or What?!

19-01-2006 02:25

The conference "Bandung du peuple"
The WSF in Bamako is about to start, but already today people got wild about world politics. It was shocking, funny and leaves at lot of space for improvement.

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East Timor counts its dead

19-01-2006 02:05

A United Nations Report reveals the extent of Indonesian atrocities in East Timor.

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19-01-2006 01:50

Free to rebroadcast
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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Galloway activist urges: assault Tatchell

19-01-2006 01:33

Adam Yosef
This story is on a number of news sites, thought it may be of interest seeing as similar threads have been posted to previous homophobic comments made by Galloway's henchman.

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A Soldier For Truth Has Fallen: In Memory of Specialist Doug Barber

19-01-2006 01:21

Today I come to you with a heavy and troubled heart. I have the unfortunate task of giving you some very tragic news. Yesterday afternoon Specialist Douglas Barber, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, took his own life after struggling with the demons and nightmares of PTSD for over two years.

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socpa court case adjourned today at bow street

19-01-2006 00:42

the trial at bow street magistrates court today of mark barrett was adjourned to the end of march amidst some confusion. he was in court for taking part in an unauthorised demonstration outside parliament on 28th august last year.