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Independent Media Transcript 19 January 2006

The Halifax Coalition Against Poverty (HCAP), Visits Immigration Canada Office: VIDEO & PICTURES

Maritimes IMC 14/1/06

The gathering was noisy, articulate and persistent in its demands for the Portnoy family to be allowed in canada (largely a country of immigrants).

While immigration officials hid in their Bruinswick St. office, supporters of HCAP and the Portnoy family made their feelings of support and solidarity public and were well received by both pedestrian and motorized traffic.

Corporate media largely boycotted the event, choosing instead to gawk at, and perpetuate the election spectacle.

Over all the event did accomplish it's primary objective by supporting the Portnoy family through a public presence, stepping up pressure on xeno-phobic immigration officials, leafletting and independent media.

Israeli immigrant fights deportation Published: Friday, December 30, 2005

Due to be deported from Montreal on Jan. 16

Israeli father Alexi Portnoy sits with his pregnant wife Angela and four children in a recent photo taken at a church where the family was living.

MONTREAL -- The Canada Border Services Agency says Alexi Portnoy, an Israeli who wants to stay in Canada, will be deported to Israel on Jan. 16.

Portnoy came to Canada with his family in 1996, was deported in 2000 and returned a year later, staying without permission. He had been living in a church basement in Marystown, N.L., with his pregnant wife Angela and their four children.

Portnoy was arrested last week after he left the church and was stopped for a traffic violation.

He was ordered at a hearing on Friday to remain in custody in Montreal, after being transferred to the region from Newfoundland a day earlier.

Two of the children were in Canada and are Canadian citizens. They are not subject to the removal order.

Police Brutality in Deep Ellum
by Camille US IMC 16/1/06

North Texas: Event that took place on Friday, January 13th, 2006. This is a story written from Camille. The past few days, it has been past around various web forums, and internet networking websites. The story is unedited, and goes as follows:

I met up with Amanda outside of Elm St. Tattoo, and there was a derby girl skating from the bar across the street to the tattoo parlor. No big deal. But a cop stopped her to give her a ticket. Well, she gave some attitude, but went with it. Kept her hands on the car while he wrote her a ticket. I crossed the street to the bar, and another skater went past me, nothing happened to her, even though her friend was getting a ticket for skating in the street.... very wierd. I turned back around to look at the girl and the cop, and I see him wrestling her to the ground. She's screaming, this tiny girl, is struggling, while about 50 people gather and start yelling. Turns out someone on the sidewalk yelled something to her, she turned to see the person, took her hands off of the car, and the cop got pissed. ...

Japanese Government misleads public about whaling protests

by Jon Sumby Melb IMC 15/1/06

The Japanese Government funded Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) have hired a New Zealand Public Relations firm to smear anti-whaling protestors. Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are both campaigning separately against the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Images used in a media release by the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) "is deliberate, manipulative, misinformation designed to feed the idea that the two groups work together" said Jon Sumby.

Off the Mawson coast in the Australian Antarctic Territory, 2000 nautical miles south-west of Perth, Canadian Greenpeace anti-whaling activist, Texas Joe Constantine, was dragged overboard into the freezing Antarctic waters after the whaling harpoon was fired over his inflatable and the harpoon rope became entangled in the craft.

Paul Watson for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has said the Japanese whaling fleet is a criminal operation but has offered to withdraw from the current campaign against the Japanese whaling fleet if either the Australian or New Zealand Government agrees to take Japan to court over the whaling issue.
[Full Story]

Australians unite against whaling in Southern Ocean
by Wikinews Australia 18 /1/06

Anti-whaling protesters have joined forces across Australia, calling for an end to the slaughter of whales. Greenpeace organised the international day of action as it continued its disruption of the Japanese whaling fleet currently hunting minke whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

And Justice For All...GM Trial: Appeal Granted & IMC Raid: No Charges

by indymedia Girlish - me and the world 13/1/06

"Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr

Indymedia Girlish writes: Two GM Protestors made their appeal this morning on a dark and Friday 13th morning at Bristol Crown Court. The judge overruled the last judge who gave the five protestors 50 hours plus and £150 fine also threatening asbos, taggs and curfews...The protesters received a much lesser sentence of a conditional discharge for 12 months. So the protesters feel that justice has been served a little bit...The matter of the run around given to the appellants by the probation and courts is still pending. One of the appellants had only one day left out of the 50 hours and the other had completed half. So there is still a bit of clearing up to do on it. Another day another small celebration. Appeal

Appeal Granted to GM Protesters

Special Event

ICOPA X1: 11th International Penal Conference

On Penal Abolition
Hobart Tasmania
7-11 February 2006

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