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Over 2500 on brillant Anti-War march in Manchester

03-11-2001 17:33

Brief report on manchester Anti-War demo on Saturday 3rd November

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Stop the Nazi National Front March in Peterborough.

03-11-2001 15:41

The Nazi National Front are threatening to hold a demonstration in
Peterborough. These Hitler loving Nazis want to march to whip up racist

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Call for an autonomous anti-capitalist bloc at Stop the War demo

03-11-2001 13:33

A proposal has emerged from a "No war but the class war" open meeting to form an autonomous anti-capitalist bloc at the next anti war demonstration in London on November 18. Spread the word, come to the next planning meeting on Thursday 8 November, 6.30pm at the White Swan pub at Highbury Corner, London N1.

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U:S Helicopter shot down

03-11-2001 12:42

ASHINGTON, Nov. 2 — An Air Force Special
Operations helicopter crashed during a night time incursion into northern Afghanistan today, injuring four crew members, one of them seriously, in what the Pentagon said was a weather-related accident.

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A Peaceful Night On the Town

03-11-2001 12:34

Press Release reviewing Pro Peace Meeting held in Bristol on Friday 2nd November, attended by 550 people, addressed by Paul Marsden MP

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“How not to win a war" [The Guardian]

03-11-2001 11:26

"If this is the best the United States can do, it had better stop and think again".

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WTO Qatar Info

03-11-2001 10:37

Days of GLOBAL ACTION against WTO


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Which way now??

03-11-2001 10:32

A quantum leap

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Green Party USA elected Coordinator targeted as "terrorist" -denied rights

03-11-2001 07:30

Nancy Oden,an elected Green Party USA coordinator,has been denied flying privileges and her constitutional rights, because of Green Party USA opposition to the bombing in Afghanistan.
The new "terrorism" laws have just removed all our rights and have created new "enemies lists"-WHO WILL BE NEXT??

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Fearless U.S. Troops await vital materiel

03-11-2001 05:11

Afghanistan invasion under a cloud, while U.S. military leaders arrange for airdrops of protective gear

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CAABU Monthly Meeting

03-11-2001 02:03

Monthly meeting of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU) at the House of Commons

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Middle East newspaper cuttings 2/11

03-11-2001 02:01

From the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU)

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Reason Prevails Over Left Wing Illogic

03-11-2001 02:01

American left wing youth speak sensibly about the war in Afghanistan. A report from the American front lines.

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Editorial: The Bush/Bush Dilemna in US Politics

03-11-2001 01:21

Editorial: The Bush/Bush Dilemna in US Politics
jingoism:Extreme nationalism characterized especially by a belligerent foreign policy; chauvinistic patriotism. pl. jin·goes One who vociferously supports one's country, especially one who supports a belligerent foreign policy; a chauvinistic patriot. adj. Of or relating to a chauvinistic patriot. : By jingo, I'm leaving here in spite of the blizzard. ------------- [From the phrase by jingo, used in the refrain of a bellicose 19th-century English music-hall song, from alteration of Jesus1.] jingo·ish adj. (article 1)

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For the record - Earth Day press release

03-11-2001 00:18

For the record - Earth Day press release
For the public record I post examples of the press releases I was sending out before unfurling the Eden Wing Banner at the Summit of the Americas on Earth Day 2001...I have been laughing at that ridiculous event and the foolish press releases that went along with it and decided to 'share' as well as to get this established on the 'public record'

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Stalinists scum attacking anarchists

02-11-2001 23:56

Investigating the CPGB in Britain

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Berkeley boycotted for anti-war stance

02-11-2001 22:31

The city of Berkeley in northern California has been
branded unpatriotic, and businesses there are being
boycotted, after the council became the first in the
nation to oppose the bombing of Afghanistan.


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Remote Control

02-11-2001 22:24

More on how remote control overrides can make real life like a computer game

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NGO implicated in Pakistani anthrax

02-11-2001 22:09

The confirmed case of Anthrax in Pakistan came from a letter mailed by a social services agency, who, if they really were a guilty NGO, you would think would have the sense to use a phony mailbox address.

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“Blair" All spun out

02-11-2001 21:37

grauniad's Mark Borkowski, tries is best for pratt of the year award on media wobblers, the price of PR at the Pentagon and why Tony Blair is irritably omnipresent
should have written about an autobiog media wankers !!!
good title shame about.......