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Pt. 6, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

29-12-2002 16:23

Thoreau despised the thought of his tax dollars going to the State, which he opposed, that enslaved people, and was carrying out a senseless war against Mexico.

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ANALYSIS: Iraq Just Won The Information War

29-12-2002 16:17

Iraq just won the information war, when Trade Minister
Mohammed Mehdi Saleh told a solidarity conference in
Baghdad "Iraq's oil, nationalized by the president...
from the hands of the British and Americans in 1972...
will remain in the hands of this people and this leadership."

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Tyranny in Tekirdag Prison (Turkey)

29-12-2002 16:04

This is a report by TAYAD, a prisoners' support organisation in Turkey. It describes the tyrannical abuse of prisoners which goes on in the F-Type isolation prison at Tekirdag (and not only there). It is based on an account by Umit Gunger, a prisoner there.

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EXTRA! Bush's war for OIL poster (hi-res file available) by Latuff

29-12-2002 14:11

EXTRA! Bush's war for OIL poster (hi-res file available) by Latuff
Hi-resolution file for printing purposes available by request. Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Fire at Australian asylum centre

29-12-2002 11:28

A third fire in two days has been started, probably by detainees, at the Baxter refugee detention centre in South Australia.

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About cloning and beaming!

29-12-2002 10:24

About cloning and beaming!
and remote control by quantum teleporting
The Bushist Chronicle

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Baltimore Report Back from Bogota

29-12-2002 10:20

What we learned during this trip was shocking, moving, and inspiring. Let us dedicate ourselves to the same fight whether it is stopping the Iraq war fighting racism fighting against State budget cuts or building solidarity for our sisters and brothers in Colombia. Stop plan Colombia! End U.S. imperialism! Justice for the Colombian workers!

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GM crops are breeding with plants in the wild

29-12-2002 07:18

Alarming new results from official trials of GM crops.

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No Jew AND Palestinian haters (by Latuff)

29-12-2002 04:39

No Jew AND Palestinian haters (by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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Bristol-Stop-The-War Bulletin: 29th December 2002

29-12-2002 03:24

To receive our weekly email update send a blank email to:

300 WORD submissions for the VIEWS section are welcomed:

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Anti-War Activists: News Source to Watch

29-12-2002 01:01

The Qatar-based Al Jazeera news network will soon be publishing and broadcasting in English. The location of Al Jazeera, as well as restrictions on Western journalists, could mean that Al Jazeera will be first to break news on an escalation of war on Iraq.

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29-12-2002 00:39

Below you will find information about a planning meeting, march and rally taking place January 18 & 19 in conjunction with the National March on Washington DC to Stop the War on Iraq.

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message from a palestinian mother

28-12-2002 23:43

This letter, was sent to internationals recently returned from palestine-its not new 'news'as such, but I hope it inspires more people to go there.

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Hackney Siege: Still Ongoing

28-12-2002 21:16

As it comes to it's 3rd day, can this be the most under-reported siege in the UK?

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Pt. 5, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

28-12-2002 17:17

Offered in memory of Chief crazy Horse: to his spirit, to his people,to hsi children, to his land, and beyond the 7th generation.

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Dictator Watch Manifesto

28-12-2002 15:18

Now, or never?

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loan peace protester needs help

28-12-2002 11:09

brian, the westminster peace protester who has been outside parliament for more than 18 months, could do with some help.

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Nazis for Palestine? NO WAY! (by Latuff)

28-12-2002 05:06

We can not allow nazis to use dignified Palestinian cause as a platform to launch racial hatred. I beg you all to reproduce this cartoon all over Internet. Let's say louder that we are fighting against those racist Jews who deny human rights to Palestinians, AS WELL AS racists who deny human rights to Jews.

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US Military Industrial Complex Reigns Supreme

27-12-2002 15:58

NATO expansion was part of the US Weapons Industry's design