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More Geneva pictures

04-06-2003 21:59

Pictures of Geneva meetings, bridge block and demonstration

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[ei] Summit Analysis | Road Map | Anti-Semitism? |

04-06-2003 20:38

* ANTI-SEMITISM? - The Guardian/Al-Ahram's Jonathan Cook
contributes this report for EI's Israel Lobby Watch section.
* 'IN THE LINE OF FIRE' - PBS documentary about journalists
to re-air on June 5th. Get your video recorders ready to capture this excellent introduction to the dangers faced by journalists covering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

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France and The Roadmap For Syria and Lebanon

04-06-2003 18:23

After the recent change in the Lebanese government, President Chirac came out with the impression that Syria had failed to meet its commitments to help Lebanon carry out the reforms called for by the Paris conference.

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Photos from riots in Geneva Tuesday and Monday nights

04-06-2003 18:23

Photos from riots in Geneva Tuesday and Monday nights.

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Guardian: Wolfowitz says it WAS about oil

04-06-2003 17:47

Wolfowitz says the Iraq war was carried out because Iraq is "swimming" in oil. I am left terribly shocked because I thought it was all about WMDs and Saddam's rotten human rights record. Goodbye cruel world.

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audio from inside pink&silver block lausanne 01/06

04-06-2003 17:39

35 min audio(5meg) from inside pink&silver block in lausanne...includes example of delegate meeting in progress

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Hunger Strike

04-06-2003 17:01

I am planing a hunger strike about the following issues.
This is a serious proposal and I have been on hunger strike before, these issues have effected me personally, I was recently offered a settlement of One thousand Five hundred by a social service department. This was after spending 17 years in their "care" during which time I was beaten, tortured, sexually abused and used as a house slave.

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G8 summary for indyradio london show - work in progress

04-06-2003 16:34

This summary of the G8 protests was written up for the Indyradio london show today on, FM 104.4.
I'm still working on it, its not complete and might have mistakes in it.

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NoBorder Camp in Timisoara, Romania, 9-15 June 2003

04-06-2003 16:31

In Romania this year the first noborder-camp will take place from 9-15 June 2003 around the city of Timisoara, wich is located near to the borders with Hungary and Yugoslavia. People from Romania preparing this camp with support of the European-wide noborder-Network to take action to abolish the borders through grassroots action and protest against the upcoming borderregime in Eastern Europe.

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04-06-2003 15:01

Fight the war! Stand up for your rights! Smash capitalism!

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Indymedia Dispatch Site Re: G8

04-06-2003 13:41

just in case people have not seen it check out the indy dispatch site covering g8 evian

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From Afghanistan to Iraq

04-06-2003 12:48

British Prime Minister Tony Blair (news - web sites) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (news - web sites), right, hold a news conference after talks in Zavidovo, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of Moscow, Oct. 11, 2002.

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link to more sunday photos

04-06-2003 12:34

more photos

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Hoist the Jolly Roger.

04-06-2003 12:29

Last month, HMS Turbulent, a nuclear-power submarine, slipped back to Plymouth, flying the Jolly Roger, the pirates' emblem. How appropriate.


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lausanne pix again_sorry 4 repost

04-06-2003 12:21

lausanne pix again_sorry 4 repost
sorry 4 re-posting having problems hope this works (article 1)

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Guy Smallman (injured photographer): latest

04-06-2003 12:15

update on Guy's condition

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Lausanne G8 blockade photos

04-06-2003 12:03

Photos of the blockades to stop the G8 summit in Lausanne Switzerland can be found at:

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APN: EDF Will Invade Aberystwyth In The Morning

04-06-2003 11:52

Shocking News!

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link to photos of both bridge actions

04-06-2003 11:30

photos 1-5, from sunday,photo 6 from yesterday (different bridge)